Prem Pariksha Bankelal Comics

prem pariksha

Prem Pariksha is new Bankelal comics which revolves around funny character Bankelal and his king Vikram Singh. Each time Bankelal tries to over throw the king he fails, this time again he has plotted to eliminate Vikram Singh. In this latest comics Prem Pariksha which is available on Rajcomics store for download. The plot of the comics goes around a cave which is called Amar Prem, to prove his love for queen Swarnlata Raja Vikram Singh was forced to go in this cave where no one has ever come alive. There are several puzzles and mazes in this cave.

Bankelal was sure this time Vikram Singh won’t come alive but Vikram Singh did no go alone he took Bankelal along with him see how they both manage to survive and come alive from this terrifying cave. Was Bankelal able to be the king, was King Vikram Singh able to prove his love? What was the secret of this mysterious cave? The artwork has been done by Shushant Panda. and author is Tarun Kumar Wahi, Anurag Kumar S. Ones again Raj comics has lost the storyline box so you might have problems understanding the storyline a bit but over all a good comics to read.

Bankelal is one of those classic hindi comics hero who is an original thought and a masterpiece of character in itself more than 100 Bankelal comics have been published by now and early comics which were released in the 80’s can easily be said as the rarest of rare, the storyline used to be perfect and drawing was way ahead of its time.

You can buy and download the comics from Raj Store here ==> Prem Pariksha

Issue No: SPCL-2523-H
Language: Hindi
Author: Tarun Kumar Wahi, Anurag Kumar S
Penciler: Sushant Panda
Inker: Sangeeta Tripathi
Colorist: Basant Panda
Pages: 48

Price: 30 Rupees