Grilled Tofu and Paneer Sandwich Khana Khazana watch video recipe

tofu sandwich

Tofu is made of Soya beans and is full of protien in this show of Khana Khazana by Sanjeev Kapoor you will learn how to make Grilled Tofu paneer Sandwich, Sanjeev Kapoor is a famous chef who has been running a famous Tv show on Zee Tv since more then 10 years. Here is the complete recipe and video of Khana Khazan watch online

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Grilled Tofu And Paneer Sandwich recipe

Ingredients needed

Beancurd (tofu), grated ½ cup
Cottage cheese (paneer), grated ¼ cup
Brown bread 8 slices
Onion, chopped 1 medium
Green chilli, chopped 1
Salt to taste
Chaat masala 1 teaspoon
Coriander and mint chutney 4 tablespoons
Butter 4 teaspoons

How to make

1. Place the beancurd and paneer in a bowl. Add onion, green chilli, salt, chaat masala and coriander and mint chutney and mix well.
2. Spread this mixture evenly on four slices of bread and cover with the remaining slices.
3. Apply some butter on the outer surfaces of the sandwiches.
4. Place a sandwich in the sandwich toaster and toast over medium heat till both sides are golden and crisp. Make the remaining sandwiches similarly.
5. Serve hot.