How to make Mango Lassi recipe Lassi cool drink

mango lassi

Lassi is a common drink in India during summers, Lassi is served cold. It is usually made from Yogurt or curd. It is usually sweet though in some parts of the country you will find it being served with salt. Here is Mango Lassi which is made from Mango and Yogurt, find the complete recipe here by Sanjeev Kapoor

A sweet lassi with mango and chocolate sauce.
Preparation Time : 10 minutes
Servings : 4

Mango pulp
1 cup
1/4 cup
3 cups
Crushed ice
as required
Chocolate sauce
1/4 cup
Pistachios, blanched and slivered

Put the mango pulp into a blender. Add sugar and blend. Add yogurt and blend again. Add crushed ice and blend to a smooth mixture. Take serving glasses. Put chocolate sauce in a squeezy bottle. Squeeze the sauce on the inner sides of the glasses in stripes. Pour lassi and fill up the glasses. Garnish with some more chocolate sauce and top with pistachio slivers. Serve chilled.