How to make mango pickle Aam ka achar recipe

mango pickle

Mango is one of the India’s most popular fruit, Mango or Aam pickle is quite popular in this part of the world here is the recipe on how to make Mango pickle or Aam ka achar with video

Ingredients: < 25      grams      Haldi 1/2     tsp     Hing 1/2     piece     Mangoes 3-4     tsp     Mustard Oil 25     grams     Nigella seeds 25-50     grams     Red chilli powder 5     number     Saboot Dhania (coriander seeds) 100     grams     Salt 50     grams     Saunf (fennel seeds) How to make mango pickle:
1.     Dry roast and grind: saunf and saboot dhania.
2.     Wash the mangoes and cut them into 1/2\” cubes. Apply salt and leave it overnight.
3.     Dry the mango pieces on a clean cloth for 4-5 hours.
4.     Heat Oil. Remove from fire. Add hing & Kalongi.
5.     Add haldi, red chilli po! wder and freshly roasted & ground saunf and saboot dhania.
6.     Mix. Add mangoes and mix well.
7.     Store in a clean jar. Keep in the sun for 2-3 days.

Watch the video here