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To gain instant results you must do exercises in the right way. If you want to see continual results, it’s essential to make changes to your workout program every so often. Doing so helps to ensure that the muscles you use are constantly exposed to new stimuli — ones they aren’t quite sure how to handle. The fast workout fixes presented here will help to spark growth in your muscles, making them stronger and changing the way your body looks.

When it comes to changing your fitness plan, standard fast workout fixes include changing the type of workout split you’re on, changing the order of exercises you perform, changing the number of reps or sets, decreasing or increasing the rest periods, and changing the type of exercises you do. However, there are some other fast workout fixes you can use that are often forgotten. It is definitely good to select a whole new exercise to include in your workout — going from a row to a pull-up, for example. Making tiny modifications in some of the exercises you currently do can also help you see new gains from workout to workout.

Since these fast workout fixes are a rather minor, feel free to do them at any point in your workout when you feel you need a little boost. Doing so will not only help to continually challenge your muscles, but it will also help keep you more interested in each workout session.

Squat fast fix

First, the squat exercise. The basic structure of this exercise is to place a barbell (or alternatively, hold a set of dumbbells) across your back and then slowly begin to move down into the squat position as if you were going to sit down onto a chair. When doing so, your back should remain in a fairly upright position, allowing for a slight forward lean if it feels more comfortable for you.

If you are doing a regular front or back squat, adjust this movement by turning your feet out ever so slightly.

This simple change in stance can cause your weight to be distributed onto your muscles differently, calling the inner thighs into play even more as it provides a great and fast workout fix.

Be sure that when you do this change you still keep your knees tracked right over your toes, however, or else knee pain could result. If you’re having trouble doing with this stance, chances are you’re turning your feet out a little too much and you should back off slightly so you are in more control.

Stiff-legged deadlift fast fix

The stiff-legged deadlift on its own is one of the best lower-body movements for building muscle. The regular stiff-legged deadlift is performed by placing a barbell down by your feet, bending at the waist to grasp it with an overhand grip and then straightening back up to the standing position while keeping your knees straight the entire time.

For a fast workout fix, there are two things you can do: The first is to raise your toes up a few inches. You don’t want to raise them so high that it becomes uncomfortable and compromises your flexibility, but just enough so that you can feel a stretch in the back of your calves. Then, once you’ve found your balance in this position, execute the deadlift as you normally would. Doing this fast workout fix will cause the hamstrings to come fully into play when you hoist your upper body up.

The second way you can alter this specific movement is by being sure that you lower the barbell completely to the floor. In fact, in between lifts, set it down gently (hands remaining on the bar) for a moment to get a fast workout fix.

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Far too often, individuals doing the deadlift will not lower the bar all the way down and will shortchange themselves the full benefits of this exercise. By taking the time to fully complete the movement, you will really reap the benefits.

Push-ups fast fix

If you’re looking for a quick workout away from the gym, push-ups are the classic standby. The basic push-up is performed belly-down on the ground with your hands placed directly in front of your shoulders and with your fingers pointing up. Your legs are extended beneath your body so that your body is in a horizontal position. Once there, you bend your elbows as you lower yourself to the ground, then straighten up once again to complete the rep.

Regardless of how you use push-ups, this is one exercise that you can most definitely kick up a notch  with this fast workout fix: Next time you’re in the gym doing push-ups, try placing both your hands on an exercise ball and performing the motion that way. Since the base of support is going to be significantly affected, your abs will really get a great workout at the same time. Furthermore, since your chest muscles will be working extra hard to steady the ball, it will cause all the muscle fibers deep within the tissue to be worked as well.

Once this exercise ball push-up gets easy, then step it up again and put your feet on top of an exercise ball as well. Note that at this point, you’ll likely want to move your front hands so that each one is on a smaller exercise ball rather than one large one to ensure that you can actually perform the movement properly.

This fast workout fix will be a good test of your core strength, and it will also test your entire upper-body muscular capacity.

Bicep curl fast fix

Typical bicep curls are performed by standing upright and holding a set of dumbbells using an underhand grip. Once you’re in this position, keep your elbows locked into your sides and curl the weight up toward your upper body by bending at the elbow joint.

A very simple and fast workout fix used to improve this movement is to simply reverse your hand grip. Now you’ll be using an overhand grip rather than an underhand grip, which places a lot more stress on your forearm muscles.

You should notice the difference immediately, even after only doing a single rep. However, do take note that you will likely be weaker when you use this grip, so alter the weight lifted accordingly.

Chest press fast fix

Finally, the last movement you’ll want to alter for a fast workout fix is the chest press. Typically, you perform this exercise by lying on a bench press machine with a hand grip that’s about shoulder width or slightly further apart. From there, you press the weight up so the elbows are extended, then lower it down until it’s just about to touch your collarbone. Finally, press it up once again to complete the movement. This shoulder-width grip allows for maximum targeting of the pectoral muscles, while also working the helper muscles, your shoulders.

For a fast workout fix, move your hands so they are only a few inches apart on the bar and then press the bar up and down from there. You should immediately notice how this makes your tricep muscles work harder, while still hitting the pectorals as well.

Do keep in mind that you will likely have to significantly reduce your weight when using this fast workout fix technique, at least to start. It will place more sheer force on your elbow joints, and you need to take care so you don’t injure yourself.

Another easy way to alter the chest press — again using the way you grip the bar — is to use an overhand grip rather than an underhand grip. This will target the triceps, as well as the bicep muscles more.

change it up to bulk it up

Give one or two of these fast workout fix techniques a try during your next gym workout. Don’t forget to stretch the muscles you work immediately afterward. Since your body is not used to performing the exercise in this manner, it’s more than likely that you’ll suffer from delayed onset of muscle soreness the next day.