Break up why women leave men

break up why women leave

Some reasons as of why women leave men

Relations are weak bonds of love between men and women our minor mistakes and behaviour can change the way of how our relationships end. Usually women are considered to be the more sensitive of the two genders when it comes to comparision. But one thing to remember in practical life is that women have abudant amount of choices if a girl dumps you she has many options, she can grab any one’s hand as long as she is beautiful and attractive. Men on the other hand have fewer options being left alone can be a fear a man can have when a relationship breaks. Which may lead to anxiety and distress.

Women frequently face jerk men who are rude and violent one can easily understand that these relations are ephimeral and will not end happily. Here are some of the reasons why relations break and why women leave men.
First, she feels trapped in a relationship. When a women sees no future in a relationship with you where she is not allowed to do the things she wants or her desires are not fulfilled. She will leave you. What do women desire is another important crux to highlight. The three basic needs of a women are reproduction, physical and financial security.
Second, feels there is nothing good in you. Men mostly act in the similar way when they see a beautiful women they are ready to give their everything to them even hard earned money. Where as women seek love and desireable men who are mature sensible and have their life together, who are interesting to be with. If you act like other men then women has options she will seek other options and drop you ending the relationship.

Third, gets nothing from a relationship. Relations are based on give and take basis you desire love and cardinal pleasure where as you give things like financial security, physical security, and show traits of a real man by giving her what she wants. Women not always seek answers but at times men think they want a mister fix it figure in them. Women want a man who can listen to their problems and understand their needs much like a father. Men should know that the way women think is different compare to men. Communication is a part of womens’s life to keep a good relation men should be good listener.

Fourth, if a women has better options she can leave you. Women have several options men are everywhere looking for women who are beautiful. If you are not interesting guy to be with you will be dumped in no time. One needs to remember that women donot look for a long guy with lots of money. Women want men who can give them unconditional love and understand their needs. If she sees you act like a wussy and clinging on her she will end the relationship. A man needs to have his life in control, he should have a fixed goals which he seeks to attain. If your ultimate goal in life is to get a women in bed your relatiions will not go long.

Few things all men should remember is to act like a man and not cling on women. A man should have a happy single life to be desireable and loved. He should be good at communication, after all in our civilized world communication is what matters the most. Its not how you look but how communicate and act that makes you attractive and desireable.