Facial Hair Styles For Winter

beard for men in winter

When Old Man Winter arrives, he throws open the door for guys to be more creative with their style. Many looks are influenced by layers, stylish winter accessories and sharp outerwear, but the most overlooked — and maybe most underused — fashion trend winter allows for is facial hair. It’s sad, but most guys neglect their facial hair styles for winter and its ability to broaden their cold-weather look. And even better than the diversity it affords, facial hair styles comes free of charge and help protect you from winter’s harsh winds. In fact, facial hair is probably the most versatile, fashionable and practical component of your winter ensemble. That’s why you should add a new element to your fashion arsenal and opt for one of these dashing facial hair styles for winter.

Trimmed goateegoatee hair style

If you’re new to facial hair styles for winter or favor understatements, the most subtle, yet commanding, option is a trimmed goatee. With its modish, manicured appearance, this look provides a restrained urban flare to your winter appearance; there’s no denying that a trimmed goatee evokes an air of metropolitan sensibility. For proof, simply turn to Gary Dourdan. His trimmed goatee injects an urbane, yet edgy, element to his already-sharp style. This option is perfect for guys who want to start small, maintain a polished look, and/or infuse their style with a smooth sophistication.

What this facial hair style says about you: You possess a slick, well-maintained style that’s both trendy and classy at once.


Balbo balbao

Want a facial hair style for winter that’s intricately dashing? Then elect the balbo as your facial hair style of choice. A three-part look — separate mustache, soul patch and chin beard — the balbo conveys a real sense of elegance and self-confidence. It’s a handsome option that echoes with an Old World classical charm. And if you go this route, use Eric Dane as your guide to ensure you pull it off properly. Thanks to his meticulous facial hair, Dane represents everything the balbo can and should be: dapper, debonair and exact. Guys employing this facial hair style for winter demonstrate a clear penchant for all things classic and refined.

What this facial hair style says about you: With a charm and charisma that’s all your own, you prefer those things in fashion — and in life — that are cultured, distinguished and sophisticated.

Heavy stubbleheavy stubble

Though you may not think it counts, heavy stubble is an effortlessly fashionable facial hair style for winter; plus, it provides a trendy, low-maintenance alternative to those styles that require more attention. Also, heavy stubble offers a perfect strategy for guys who are constantly dealing with a heavy beard. With its no-fuss appearance, this rakish option creates a laid-back image that errs on the side of ease. But if you still need convincing, look to the rugged styling of Zachary Quinto; his heavy stubble puts a disheveled brilliance on his impeccable style. So, go ahead and augment your winter wardrobe with some casual elegance and sport the heavy stubble.

What this facial hair style says about you: Easygoing and unassuming, you own a masculine, dapper appearance that’s devoid of being overly invested in maintaining a pristine pretty-boy appearance.


Scruffy beardscurffy beard

Should you aspire to a bad-boy image, head out wearing a scruffy beard. Growing your facial hair a few days past heavy stubble allows you to convey a daring irreverence for convention, as scruffy beards suggest a defiant style and exude self-confidence. However, rules apply to this one: You must wear an extremely sharp suit or be one handsome guy to counteract the unkempt face. The perfect example in this case is Ryan Gosling. By sporting a scruffy beard, Gosling not only exudes a mature, carefree image, but also an assured sense of style. That’s why this facial hair style for winter is ideal for courageous guys who like pushing the envelope.

What this facial hair style says about you: You’re calm, cool and collected, but most of all, you’re secure in terms of both your style and yourself.

Full beard

full beard

Real men this winter will go all out and grow a full beard. As the most advanced and impressive facial hair styles for winter, a full beard produces a truly masculine and grown-up air of erudition. Case and point: Jake Gyllenhaal. His full beard bolsters his leading-man status, graduating his appearance and style to a more mature, rakishly handsome level; it’s a big-boy look that’s always becoming of a man. Any guy who wants to do the same should follow Gyllenhaal’s lead.

What this facial hair style says about you:
Maturity and sophistication are the cornerstones of your style and persona.

face it

This winter, forget the clean-shaven look of summer and sport the facial hair. Varying this aspect of your image during cold weather gives you several opportunities to mix things up. You’ll enjoy finding new cost-effective ways to reinvent yourself. Even better, you’ll find the ladies loving the new you.