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By | June 19, 2012

sunglasses for men neo matrix keanu reeves

Sunglasses are one of the most important part of men’s accessories and style. Be it black silver, yellow or any other colour that suits your style. Here are some cool sunglasses from 2012 that will add to your looks.
When selecting a pair of Sunglasses for yourself some things which you should keep in mind are the colour of the glasses, the size and the quality of the glass. If its looking good but is unable to prevent your eyes from the harmful sun rays its of no good use. Over spending on sunglasses is always a bad idea. Though Branded sunglasses are always a preferred choice. Here are some sunglasses for men, latest trends of sunglasses which will help you determine the right one for you.

Sunglasses for men
Dark shade sunglasses with black frame
Sunglasses for menDark shade sun glasses with blue frame for men
Sunglasses for menLight shade sunglasses with orange colour and orange frame looks cool
Sunglasses for menRay Ban aviator with light brown and tint shades of dark the black frame is light in weight and thin yet durable good choice for most men
Sunglasses for men
A thick black coloured sunglasses with broad frame usually looks good on fair men
Sunglasses for menSunglasses for men
Very broad black coloured sunglasses for men which nearly cover half your face looks nice if it suits your style and face.

Sunglasses for men

Thin framed dark coloured sunglasses for men with tint shades of brown and black

Sunglasses for men
Sunglasses for men

Black coloured sunglasses for men
Sunglasses for men

Narrow shaped sunglasses with rectangular and circular shape, the frame is light yet strong a good choice for most men, even the Rock in WWE can be seen wearing this shaped glasses.
Sunglasses for men

Sunglasses for men

Tom Cruise style sunglasses and hairs this is a thick frame and looks heavy on eyes

Sunglasses for men
Sunglasses for men


Famous men in black series sun glasses

Hangover sunglasses

Arnold’s sunglasses in Terminator movie series

george clooney sunglasses men actor

George Clooney Sunglasses

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