Alam Ara first movie with sound Google Doodle


Google has once again changed its logo for Google India, in order to appreciate the first Indian movie with sound Alam Ara. Alam Ara is the first Indian film to have sound. Alam Ara is still known as an iconic movie directed by Ardeshir Irani in 1931. Much before India became independent. The movie paved the way for future Bollywood. Alam Ara was first showcased in Majestic Cinema in Mumbai on March 14 1931. It is said that movie became so popular that police was called to control the crowd that gathere to see it.

Sound in Alam Ara

Ardeshir Irani was not only the director but also the person behind handling sound recording department, he used the Taran Sound System. It was shot with the Tanar single-system camera, which recorded sound directly onto the film.
Most of the movie was shot at night because of the absense of soundproof studios in those days. Microphones were hidden near actors to record their dialogues.

Though it may not seem a very synchronised sound and video combination if you watch it today. Still the first and the started so it is still remembered as an icon amoung all of us.

Story of Alam Ara

The story of Alam Ara is a about a prince who is love with a nomadic girl, the movie was based on a Parsi play written by Joseph David. David later became a writer at Irani’s film company. The movie revolves around a fictional royal family from Kumarpur.
Some of the main characters of the movie include king and his two wives Dilbahar and Navbahar. The two wives of the king enter a rivalry after a prediction by a beggar who says that Navbahar will bear the king’s heir. Dilbahar, in revenge, attempts to have an affair with the kingdom’s chief minister Adil. The affair goes sour and a vengeful Dilbahar imprisons him and exiles his daughter, Alam Ara (Zubeida). In exile, Alam Ara is brought up by Gypsies. Upon returning to the palace at Kumarpur, Alam Ara meets and falls in love with the charming young prince (Master Vithal). In the end, Adil is released, Dilbahar is punished and the lovers marry.

Unfortunately after the fire at National Film Archive of India, Pune, in 2003, destroyed prints of many movies including Alam Ara, several classics such as Raja Harishchandra and Achhut Kanya were also destroyed, this film is no longer available in its original format.

Directed by     Ardeshir Irani
Produced by     Imperial Movietone
Written by     Joseph David
Urdu: Munshi Zaheer
Starring     Master Vithal, Zubeida Jilloo, Sushila, Prithviraj Kapoor
Music by     Ferozshah M. Mistri, B. Irani
Cinematography     Wilford Deming, Adi M. Irani
Editing by     Ezra Mir
Release date(s)     March 14, 1931
Running time     124 mins