Love Story 2050 Harman and Priyanka Review

love story 2050 priyanka harman baweja

Stepping out of the theatre after watching a show of Love Story 2050, I felt as if I had actually travelled through time. The three hours inside the dark room seemed like spending a few years of my life. As the end credits rolled, I wondered if I had actually seen two films back to back. And it’s this incoherence between the two halves of the film that is Love Story 2050’s biggest weakness.

Harry’s ‘tribute’ to Hollywood sci-fi

Love Story 2050 is directed by Harry Baweja whose gems include Qayamat, lifted straight from the Nicholas Cage-starrer The Rock and the I Am Sam remake Main Aisa Hi Hoon. But this time, he goes much further and chooses to pay a tribute to Hollywood’s long catalogue of science fiction films.

Love Story 2050 starts with shots a speeding car and glimpses of the movie’s debutant hero, before we finally get to see his face. Karan (Harman Baweja) is the neglected son of a super rich industrialist, who like most Hindi film heroes would choose true love over money. A better part of his day goes into either adventure sports or arguing with his father (Dalip Tahil). There is also the quintessential dead mother with whom he communicates through the stars.
A case of mistaken identities brings him face-to-face with the girl of his dreams, Sana (Priyanka Chopra No 1). Karan’s uncle Ya (Boman Irani) is a scientist who is working on a time machine. Sana expresses a desire to travel to 2050, but dies before it can happen. Karan and Ya decide to fulfill her wish only to bump into Zeisha (Priyanka Chopra No 2). We are made to believe that people who die before their time are reborn with the same face. Karan of course is determined to remind Zeisha about their love and take her beck to 2008. But not before he fights an evil Dr Hoshi (some masked guy sounding like Gulshan Grover) who wants to steal the time machine from Uncle Ya.

Love Story 2050 tires to pack in all the elements of a commercial potboiler with a twist of science fiction. There’s also a bit of rebirth thrown in, which actually contradicts the entire notion of science. But more than an hour and a half into the movie, there is not even a mention about the much-hyped time travel bit. The first half flows like a regular boy-meets-girl love story with clichéd sequences and half a dozen songs.

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