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bra size fitting

When we talk about bra, the very first question arises in our minds is that when should we start wearing bra- experts says that there is no particular age for wearing bra, one should switch on to bra when there breast is visible it’s in  teenagers. Some girls start wearing bras early where as some start later so there is no official age it all depends upon the growth of breast. Now the second important thing to be remembered is the bra size. Bra size is important for the perfect shape which enhances the self-confidence. Every woman has different bra size with age we gain or we lost our breast size even during and after pregnancy the breast size changes

So it’s very important to know your bra size at each and every step of life before u pick any from the market below are the steps for picking the perfect bra for yourself.

Follow these simple tips to determine your bra size some easy to follow Bra fitting gudie tips :-

First, put on a comfortable bra–one that doesn’t minimize or boost your breasts. Then grab a measuring tape that can wrap easily around your body. Can’t find one? Use a piece of string and then measure it.

Band size
Measure under your armpits, high on your back, and across the top of your chest, above your breasts.

How many inches do you get? If this measurement is an even number, that will be your band size. If it’s an odd number, add 1 inch and that will be your band size. So if you measure 34 inches around, your band size will be 34. And if you measure 35 inches around, your band size will be 36.

Cup size
Measure loosely around the biggest part of your chest, keeping the measuring tape level with the ground.

Got that number? Now subtract your band measurement from your cup measurement. Each inch represents a cup size. For example, if your band measurement is 34 inches and your cup measurement is 35 inches, the difference is one inch, and your cup size is A. If your band measurement is 34 inches and your bust measurement is 37 inches, the difference is three inches, and your cup size is C.

Difference (band minus cup measurement) / Cup size
Less than 1” / AA
1” / A
2” / B
3” / C
4” / D
5” / DD

So finally, u get the perfect bra size for you….. Now go and pick the best bra for yourself and look smarter……

Choosing the right bra size fitting video