Eyebrow Shaping. Plucking, Waxing or Tattooing

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Some women do not think they need to pluck their eyebrows. They find their brow shape perfect without tweezing, it hurts therewith. Some of them just have no idea, how to take care of the brows. But in reality even thin and delicate brows need shaping. If your choice is a beautiful eyebrow shape, you should take care for it. There exist some methods of shaping the eyebrows.

Plucking Brows

Millions of women around the world find eyebrow plucking an ideal way to have a beautiful brow shape. Plucking your brows hurts, but if you do it regularly, for example, once or twice a week, during these several days there appear only few hairs and you do not have to pluck a lot. At the same time if you shape your eyebrows with a pair of tweezers quite often, your skin gets less sensitive in these areas. This is why it does not hurt so much. Some of us visit beauty salons to get the brows shaped, some make it by themselves at home. On the one hand, plucking the brows at home is less painful and you always know, at what moment and in what place it is going to hurt. On the other hand, a professional cosmetologist can advise, what brow shape is appropriate for your face type and will do this for you without any mistakes.

Waxing Brows

Beauty salons offer such service as brows waxing. This can be also done at home. Waxing brows can provide a very nice look and brow shape, as well as plucking. One of the drawbacks are in-grown hairs. But you can prevent in-grown hairs by cleansing the brow area with a toner. This should be done immediately after brow waxing. Cleansing grains are also good for it.

Cosmetic Tattooing

Permanent cosmetic makeup is one more alternative to plucking, which has recently become quite widespread. Cosmetic tattooing means implantation of pigment into your skin. It sounds a bit scary, but the result (beautiful eyebrows) lasts really long and you never need to use brow shadows, tint your brows or draw you brows with a pencil. But even with brow permanent makeup you should anyway get rid of extra hairs around the line, that is again plucking or waxing. There exist one more drawback of cosmetic tattooing – if it is not done by a professional, it can turn out worse, than you expect.

Lots of women ignore their brows and do not take care for them. But brows are the part of the face, and if you take care for your lips or skin, why not doing it with the brows? A good start is choosing the proper brow shape. Read about brow shapes for different face types, tips to shape the brows and how to make tweezing less painful in “Eyebrow Plucking. Brow Shape Types and Tips”.

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