Things to remember when buying shoes

how to buy shoes

Things to remember when buying shoes? A simple shoe buying guide. That’s spring! Very soon we will remove your podnadoevshie winter boots somewhere far away in the closet, and before that to buy new ones. Each of us makes a purchase based on their financial capabilities. Someone dressed exclusively in boutiques, other money only enough to otovaritsya on the market, others can afford to shopping in stores, but sometimes circumstances make zahazhivat and markets. Unfortunately, fraud can run into everywhere, even in decent departments, few of them insured!

Shops and markets
Buying shoes on the market, the buyer is protected less: and not because the market law does not apply. Just market traders harder to call to order. Typically, the seller refers to the owner, to whom all questions and should be treated. That’s only catch of the owner on the spot, to meet with him and deal with the situation is quite problematic. And is such that, buying shoes and returning to the market in some time, you can the seller just did not know (if there is a little like “dyadenek” and “tetenek”) or even worse – the seller just did not find (moved out of this place took a day off sick, so who knows what …). Store can be considered reliable if it is not the first day is at this point and has a decent reputation.

“Dos and Don’t”
There are cases where you bought the boots, shoes, etc., came home, he is dead to the mirror and realized that a little heated: Shoes do not fit the size, color, a style … or even annoying, does not look like a handbag with a new pair of shoes, and money to the other not, and yet does not appear. What to do? What to do? You should not cry, curse the very kind shop assistant, made a dozen compliments your slender legs; blame girlfriend, which at the time when you are trying on footwear, cute smile a passing stranger, and most importantly – spend your precious nerves! In accordance with Art. 25 of the Law on Consumer Protection, within 14 days of purchase you are entitled to request the seller to replace the goods, but if it is not available, then demand money back. Provided that you are in any case is not flaunted in new dress on the street and not flaunted in front of their boyfriend, even sitting in the front seat of the car clean. If you carefully protrete cloth shoes and tearfully beg the seller will believe you “honest pioneer, wearing shoes with this number will be. Besides, when you return (if saved presentation, labels, packaging), it is necessary to articulate the reason for dissatisfaction shoes and bring a receipt. If the seller has nothing to offer in exchange, you will return the money.

Warranty period
Typically, sellers set period – in the best case, 30 days. Unfortunately, there are those who give a guarantee for 7-10 days, and sometimes less. Before you shell out money for the purchase, you should know the duration of the warranty period – is also a kind of characteristic of the goods, and it is to navigate. If you bought the shoes and then found a marriage, with the warranty term is not released, in accordance with Article 18 of the Law on Consumer Protection, you have the right to: a refund, replacement of the goods, repair or proportionate reduction of prices. Terms of meeting these requirements are different: a refund is given 10 days to replace the goods – 1 week, additional quality control – another 20 days repair should be implemented immediately or by agreement between the consumer and seller. If deadlines are not met, you are entitled for each day to demand a “penalty” (1 per cent of the cost of goods).

Terrible word “expertise”
When the existence of a factory defect, they say, is there, honest seller refunds or exchanges goods (at the buyer’s option). If the product warranty period has expired, and the seller doubts the origin of the defect, it examines. In this case, the seller must take shoes from a buyer to contact the expert organizations to notify consumers about the date and venue of the examination. In turn, the consumer has the right to be present during it. If professionals can prove the factory defect, the money will be returned. But if the case is, alas, not in your favor, you will not only refused all demands, but also forced to pay the seller for review.

This is only the most basic points that need to know and remember when buying shoes. Meanwhile, experts stress that they often cause confusion and questions from consumers.

A few simple truths

1. To denote the leather used universal symbol on the label – the contour of animal skin. Artificial materials are identified by blue rhomb shaped marker. Pressed leather shoes will be cheaper on average for a thousand rubles, but the leather trim, marked on the glue can not compare in quality with real leather. If you are not sure what it really is better to refrain from buying.

2. Natural skin is thicker artificial, and it is characteristic smell. If you do not trust your sense of smell, the smell that first shoe, the naturalness which you believe. If you liked the suede shoes – move your hand across the surface: low pile deflected, the color of the boot has changed somewhat – before you have a product of genuine suede.

3. Pay attention to the box. Reputable manufacturers do not skimp on a decent package.

4. Soles of shoes should be made of synthetic materials – leather wears out faster and is not suitable for wet weather. In addition, it must be firmly glued. Ask the seller to bend shoe in half – with good shoes from this, nothing will happen.

5. If the shoe insole is vyemnaya – this will help ventilate the shoes dry and change the insoles.

6. Socks and backs must be sealed. Pay attention to the stability of the heel. In contact with a smooth surface heel should fit tightly to her, and socks – to rise from the floor by 5-7 millimeters. The internal parts should be perfectly glued and pristrocheny.

7. Never buy tight shoes: over time, it is possible, and spreads, but this time could last all season. Try on shoes is better at the end of the day when your feet are swollen and have a maximum size.

Successful you shopping! Let Your feet will be beautiful and comfortable shoes and quality!