Top 6 Great Gifts for Boyfriends of 6 Months or Less

1. Magic 8-Ball 8ball
Priced at: $5 – $15 ~ Everybody likes a little bit of silliness and the Magic 8-Ball never fails to deliver. Part oracle, part parlor trick this classic can be a game or a guide; it’s up to him.

2. “The Teenage Guy’s Survival Guide” by Jeremy Daldry
Priced at: $10 ~ Help him understand you, yep guys get puzzled to, with this acclaimed book written just for guys. He’ll get the lowdown on everything that confuses a teenaged boy the most and he’ll have you to thank!

3. “The Simpsons Holiday Humdinger” by Matt Groening
Priced at: $15 ~ Everybody gets a kick out of the Simpson’s and this holiday themed book is sure to please. Chalk full of weird and wacky holiday facts and Simpson trivia this book is page after page of pure laughs. Check it out with him for extra grins.

4. “Elf” on DVD or VHS elf
Priced at: $15 – $20 ~ One of the funniest holiday movies to come out in a long time, “Elf” starring Saturday Night Live veteran Will Ferrell is a new classic. Bonus: a fun date night movie any time of year.
5. Diamond Casino Poker Chips Set
Priced at: $35 – $65 ~ Help keep him and his buds entertained on boys night out with this all-inclusive poker set. He’ll learn a new game and for a fun date he can teach it to you. A great gift for any guy in your life (think Dad, brother, uncle, best bud, even a friendly ex).

6. Polaroid Mio Instant Camera camera
Priced at: $45 – $60 ~ Document your budding relationship in pictures, snapshot your memories with a Polaroid instant camera. The Mio is a cool looking handheld instant camera that is easy to use and shoots our instant snaps. Share them with each other and friends. A great gift any time of year!

enjoy have fun !!