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10 Valentines day gifts for Boyfriends

This Valentine’s day gift your boyfriend some of these amazing gizmos, gadgets and other mindblowing things. See things according to your pocket. Even if its a small thing it will make a difference. Most importantly there is one thing to remember that, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Men also love gadgets and many other things here are some of the top 10 list which I have compiled to help you buy some cool things for your boyfriend on this Valentine’s day.

1) Playstation Portable/ PS 3/Xbox 360 :- If you a budget of about 260$ then this the right thing for every game lover. You can also find coupon codes on the web if you are buy from some good website, this will allow you to get 20-30% discount. These gaming consoles are engaging also they come with Xbox Kinect and Playstation Move controller which allows you two to engage in gaming and enjoy your time together. Good if you have a heavy budget. Playstation Portable is much cheaper on the other hand and is easily affordable.

2) Posters/Collage/Picture Frames :- If you wish to save and share lovely moments of your life with your boyfriend. Pictures are the best gifts you can share. There are sites like, and which will allow you to make a collage,poster picture frame and even coffee mugs, tshirts from the pictures uploaded by you. This will cost you anywhere from 5-10$, that is about a max of 500 Rs. There are coupons available for these sites as well over the web.


3) Wallets/Keychains/Boy Tags :- If you have a medium budget of 10-20 dollars, about 200-500 rupees, you can try any of these stuffs. Wallets are a good gifts for your boyfriend if they have been living with that old torn wallet because they never had time to search a new one. This is the right gift in that case for your valentine. Choosing the right color and manly design is upto your shopping skills. You can get it from online stores, or shops around your place. Similarly, keychains and boytags are a good option can be brought from the web, but you have limited time and don’t wish to buy online going to a nearby gift store is the best idea.


4) Mobile Phones/Ipads/Mobile Accessories :- So you have a decent budget, for your boyfriend this Valentines day. Buying an Ipad or a tablet like Aakash is a good idea. They are cheap from 2000-20,000 Rs. It will be a great gift for your boyfriend. On the other hand if you have a limited budget buying a mobile phone or some accessory for the mobile would be a nice. Mobile accessories like covers, mobile stickers with amazing designs. Try searching the web for cool mobile accessories you will find some ashtonishing designs.

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5) Perfumes/Deo packs :- Though they have become old and predictable, still a good branded perfume which will cost you around 500 Rs. thats about 10$ to 30$. Sites like will give you a clue about some of the latest brands. Choosing the right essence depends on your olfactory abilities.

6)Bonzai Plants :- How often do you think of a plant as a gift. A plant, like some flower, or may be any normal fruit plant will be a decent gift. You should refrain from gifting a thorned plant like Cactus as a gift. You don’t want him to fight with you. There are small bamboo plants available easily in the market which will cost you about 5$-10$ thats about 100 to 125 Rs.

7) Champagne/ Beaverages or cookies :- A bottle of Champagne is good for celebration, you can find some cheap small bottles in the market. Also some cookie basket can be a great option. There are various flavoured cookies available in the market. Chocolates candies, you can try almost anything he likes.

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8) Coffee Mugs:- Customized coffee mugs with picture on them can be made from the internet websites. They will charge you from 20$ and above for it. Its great its personalized with your or his picture on it. A cool gift for your boyfriend at Valentine’s day.

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9) Wrist Watch:- Wrist watches can be branded or non branded replicas, which will cost you around 500-1000 rupees for a decent one. This way you will give him a gift which he can wear all times and will remember your love for him.

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10) Statues/Paintings:- If he loves paintings and statues get him a lovely sensual statue from the market, it would be preferable that you buy these from the market rather than internet. As they might get damaged during shipping. Apart from that you can check if there is any minor crack or color defect, when you are buying from the market. This can cost you about Rs 100 above that is about 5$ and above see the paintings in your neighbourhood garage sale see if you can find anything you like.

This was a small list I compiled for gift ideas if you feel like adding or dislike something share your comments below.