Treasure Hunt Answers win products for 1 Rs

Amazon Treasure hunt


Amazon India has been giving out products for 1 Rs if you can guess the right answer from the clues being provided to the users via the mobile app each hour. Unfortunately the last 4 clues since 21 October to 22nd October 2015 have been video cd’s which are not worth that much of money. Earlier it had given out tablets. But people are saying that Amazon has been fooling the users as even the most active users are getting 100% wait list as soon as they answer.  Anyways below are the answers to various questions.

22nd October 10 am Answer is Shilpa Shetty Yoga fitness VCD (Question was :- She is tall she is fit, and she even got a hit)

I must say I was really disappointed by the way they gave clues, talking of the tallest actress is Deepika Padukone, and she is fit as well and she even has some hit movies. Shilpa hardly has any hit movies.

11 AM Treasure Hunt Clue Answer :The lord of The Rings – 7 Book Slipcase

12 PM Treasure Hunt Clue Answer: Planet Earth The complete series (6 disc special)

1 PM Treasure Hunt Clue Answer : Ramayan  vol 1 to 20 episodes DVD worth rupees 2500

2 PM Treasure Hunt Clue Answer : RR Martin Game of thrones books box set waitlist full by 2:03pm

3 PM Treasure Hunt Clue Answer: Rubiks cube from funskool

4 PM Treasure Hunt Clue Answer: 1989 taylor swift audio cd

5 PM Treasure Hunt Clue Answer : I think the answer is pen (it is a parker pen of red color Parker vector standard fountain pen)

 6 PM Treasure Hunt Clue Answer:

I will update the answers each hour ASAP