Bipasha Basu cool hair day

By | February 13, 2008

bipasha hairs

Bipasha Basu seems to be on a reinvention spree. Ask her how she has been and she complains of a pain in her neck. “But that’s because I have just started doing yoga,” says the girl whom boyfriend John recently described as the most fit actress in Bollywood.

But what has really got the actress happy is her new look. “I have always wanted short hair but my Mom was dead against it. So now that I am a grown-up girl, I got this cut and I am so in love with it. Even the people at the gym like it. They say I look like a schoolgirl,” she smiles. And what about John? “Oh, he compliments me everyday. Six years into a relationship and your boyfriend still compliments you… I am sure the cut is really nice,” she says.

Bipasha is working hard in Bollywood, and making a foray in avant garde cinema too – dressed demurely in sarees at that! She says with a smile about Sudipto’s Pankh, “People are going to like Pankh a lot. It is a very depressing movie… I recently watched it. But honestly, I think it is worth a watch.”

Her career has Bipasha really excited. “I think this is the best time to be an actress. I am unconventional, I am dark skinned, I am independent and I can happily talk about my relationship without worrying that any of this will affect my career. I think unconventional has actually started working in Bollywood,” she laughs. And what about her foray in Hollywood? “Not yet. There is a writer’s strike going on there. When it is over, let’s see what comes my way!”

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