Cancer Horoscope 2012 Cancer Astrology 2012 Cancer Free Yearly Forecast 2012


Here is the complete yearly forecast for Cancer horoscope 2012. Cancer people are born during 22 June to 22 July. They are known to be sensitive and dependable people with romantic attitude, they are protective in nature and use there imagination in creative works.

Cancer Horoscope 2011 (Jun 22- Jul 22)

According 2012 Cancer yearly Horoscope, the people under this sign will overcome all problems and hurdles faced during this period and will have a good physical, mental and financial security which can bring you emotional stability. This is good news for those cancerians who have been trying hard to achieve some goal, this year could give them the desired result. You should concentrate on building a good career and relationship, which will benefit you in the long term.

Love & Social Life Cancer Horoscope 2012
According to the astrological signs in the year 2012 cancerians are looking for perfection in every task. Which includes love as well. There may be some hurdles in the relationship, but you will know how to deal with them with little effort and understanding you will be able to overcome all obstacles in your love life. Prevent your social life and friends to interfere with your love life. Neptune planets in the house of love, passion and romance will help you to see your relationship reach new heights.This is a good time to clear all pending problems with your partner. During the months of April to August it would be nice to have a partner. Most of the time you will be busy to think about it. The year 2012 will be very special year for you. Money could be the crux of all relations this year. A person with Cancer sign knows how to keep promises and has a good memory. Females with this zodiac love to take reponsibilities of being a mother. This will be a great year for relationships of Cancerians.

Profession and Career Horoscope for Cancer 2012
You need to be vigilant when it comes to business and professional life in 2012. As the people under this sign are intelligent and innovative still the year calls for more attentiveness. People in the banking and insurance section could see some hurdles and problems. You will be strong and you will be able to face problems thrown at you by the market. You would like to buy assests during the month of April to June 2012. You could spend money on gifts items.
If you are thinking of making some long term decision, like investing money somewhere you should not rush to it, take your time and think. You are advised to avoid controversy and stay away from giving advice to others this could prove embarrasing for you.

August is a good month for finding new jobs, you will get some valuable advice from your friend in the month of September. Though the competition will be hard your energy and toil will help you get through the competition. You will get face and rase in income, but problems will come and enemies will be there at work.

People going for interviews, exams or some kind of competitions are likely to get success. You would see many people are attracted to you for your extraordinary hard work and sincerity. There are favorable chances of great savings during the year, in short we can say, a great year for the Cancer zodiac.

Health Horoscope for Cancer in 2012
Good health and active body keeps you close to God. You will have to deal with mental struggle due to Saturn in 2012. Avoid junk food to prevent health related problems. If you love dancing it will keep you healthy, Yoga and other exercises will keep you mentally and physically strong. Donot smoke if someone ask’s you to and stay away from smokers who can make you victims of passive smoking.
Medidation will help you deal with mental stress and following the path of spirituallity will keep you on the path of God, it will also give you mental peace and blessings.

Recommended Remedies for Cancers in year 2012
1. Iron, black collyrium (kala surma), mustard oil, cloth etc. should be donated.
2. A ring made up of black horse shoe or nail of the boat should be worn.
3. Serve the people of low birth or give donations to them.