Finding best graduate school


Making the decision to go to graduate school is difficult, and choosing a school is even harder. Before you waste your time and energy, check out this list of tips on finding the best graduate school.

Start with the Basics
Finding a graduate school can be an arduous process. There are thousands of graduate schools to choose from! To narrow down the pool quickly, start with the basics: location and cost. Graduate schools that are located in a particular metropolitan area or state may be obvious choices, depending on your major. The same holds true for schools that have tuition costs below the limit you can afford to pay.

Consider Academic Fit
The most important thing to consider when choosing a graduate school is how well the school’s curriculum fits in with your academic goals. For example, if you are a prospective grad student of medicine or business, you need to find out which schools can provide the teaching styles that suit you best as well as solid preparation in that major.

Research the Faculty
In graduate school, having professors who are leaders in their field is definitely preferable. You want professors who will be able to act as a mentor and share in your research. This is why it is a good idea to research and compare the faculty at each of the schools you are interested in. The Internet will prove to be a valuable tool in this part of the search process.

Visit the School
If you can’t decide between two or three different schools, consider visiting each campus. You can sit in on a class or two, check out the facilities, speak with current students, and get a general feel for what it would be like to attend one school versus another.

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