5 Myths About Graduate School

here are some common myths about graduate school and they will be shattered by the author.

graduate myths

There are myths in this world and then there are realities. Many people have preconceived notions about graduate school that may not necessarily be true. We have compiled some of the more common myths that prospective students have about attending graduate school, along with the truths or the realities. Hopefully, reading through them will alleviate some of the anxiety you feel about possibly attending graduate school.

Myth: Graduate school is hard to get accepted into.

Truth: There are many different graduate schools that have many different minimum criteria for accepting to applicants. Some programs do not require GMAT or GRE tests to be taken at all. They may base acceptance on work experience and undergraduate GPA, other degrees earned, etc.

Myth: Graduate school is not convenient for me and won’t fit in to my hectic schedule.

Truth: Now that graduate programs are being offered online, it is very simple for students to be more flexible with their class schedule and time. Online MBA courses and programs allow students to sign-on at times that are convenient for them and work at their own pace toward earning their degree. With online programs, graduate students may never have to step foot inside of a classroom.

Myth: Graduate school costs too much money.

Truth: There are many different graduate schools to choose from and pricing varies from institution to institution. Some graduate programs are more cost effective than others. Just like any major purchase, you must do some comparison-shopping before you make your final purchase.

Myth: Going to graduate school doesn’t have any real-world benefits or advantages.

Truth: Graduate school revolves around teaching students applications that can be applied to real-world situations. This is done in the form of group projects and case studies. Most professors that teach graduate level classes bring real-world experience and examples to the classroom. The fact that there is an increase in demand for MBA graduates by employers also shows that there really is a benefit to you having a MBA degree in the real world.

Myth: MBA degrees are luxuries, not necessities.

Truth: As the business world becomes more and more global, competition for new jobs and promotions tend to be awarded to those with MBA degrees. MBA graduates have a competitive advantage over those who do not have a degree because a degree signifies to a potential employer that the degree-holder has the knowledge and skills to perform at a level of mastery or management level.