Secrets Of The TOEFL Listening

Toefl listening and reading have always been a trouble for most examinees here are some secret tips to help you.

better listening

This is the easiest part of the TOEFL ibt. But… do you know what are you going to listen to? If you’re not prepared, your notes will be totally useless!

Here’s the definition from the ETS Official Website:
Listening measures the ability to understand English as it is used in colleges and universities.

  • Two to three conversations that include two or more speakers in each
  • Four to six lectures, which include classroom dialogue
  • Opportunity to take notes while listening
  • Familiar question types from the computer-based TOEFL test
  • New question types that measure test takers’ ability to understand a speaker’s attitude or meaning
  • You’re going to listen to 6 to 9 passages… but what are they talking about? There are two different kinds of listening:

    • Conversation
    • Lecture

    The conversations are always between two people and usually are easier to understand. The lectures can be very difficult because of their specific language (a professor talking, for example, about geology or psychology). You can be concentrated and understand well, but remember that some listenings last more than 6 minutes! The very good thing about TOEFL is that you can take notes and use them to answer the questions. So, you HAVE to take notes, and you can write as much as you can. This is amazing, isn’t it?

    Yes, but what if you don’t know what to write?

    I saw many people filling out two or three pages with their notes and than get lost when they saw the first question!

    There are secrets that nobody will ever tell you, but that you’ll need to get a good score. One on these is HOW to take notes!


    I would suggest you watch english movies with full attention

    Check this site too for some more tips on better listening ===>