Fishville Facebook Cheats Fishville zynga game

By | May 13, 2010

fishville facebook cheats

Fishville is a MMO game from Zynga which is played on facebook, the popular social networking website, here is the detail method on how to cheat in the game cheats tricks and tips on sending unlimited gifts

Step 1: Install FishVille
Start Fishville game, by searching Fishville in the search box on top follow the instructions to install the game and get started

Step 2: FishVille sending Unlimited Gifts
This will allow you to send unlimited gifts to your friends in FishVille? This is an easy task with this helpful cheat.

1. Open up FishVille and allow it to load fully.
2. Left Click the “Gifts” tab above your aquarium.
3. Then right click and “open new tab” several times on the Gifts tab. This will open up multiple gift windows.
4. In each window you have open, select the gift and the recipients. At this point you do not want to press send.
5. Once you have filled in all of the recipients, go back to the first tab and hit “Send”.
6. Repeat until all the gifts have been sent.

This is a great technique to teach to your friends, because it means they will also be able to send you unlimited gifts.

Step 3: Using Cheat Engine 5.5
Cheat Engine 5.5 is an open source tool that allows you to hack and cheat at many popular online games. The program is available for download here ==>

Once you have Cheat Engine 5.5, there is a coin trick that can give you unlimited coins in FishVille.

1. Open up FishVille in Mozilla Firefox
2. Open up Cheat Engine 5.5 and then select Firefox as your process.
3. Enter the value of the coins that you currently have in FishVille into Cheat Engine and then run a first scan.
4. Spend some coins and then run another scan for the amount of coins you have now.
5. Continue until there are one or two addresses remaining and one matches your current in-game coin value.
6. Change the value to any number of coins that you desire and then hit “freeze”. This will change your amount of coins to that number.

We donot recommend the use of the Cheat Engine and we are not responsible if your account is banned by Zynga for doing so.