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No one knows beauty products better than women, who are always trying something or the other on their skin. From Banana to Rose water yes they have tried it all to look younger and for a fairer complexion. But apart from all these natural products is there a product in the Indian market which can make a women or man fairer in fewer days, we will find out by reviewing these fairness creams. Since nearly every product in the market claims to making you fair from Shahid Kapoor to John Abraham and from Katrina Kaif to Kajole selling Olay products. The market for beauty products is vast but the market for fairness creams I think occupies 90% of the space.

Long from the days of Britisher’s we have always loathed dark skin thinking the white is always right, because of the hot climate in India most of us are dark skinned. And no matter what we try the colour pigmentation in our skin doesn’t seem to be responding to these products easily. Have you ever wished you could just wash off the colour of your skin just like those Tide washing powder ads, where dirt vanishes instantly?

Let us look at some of the popular skin whitening products available in the Indian market both for men and women.

Fair and Lovely:- The Fair and lovely fairness cream is probably the oldest in the Indian market focused on woman’s skin it promises to provide you beautiful and fairer skin. Priced around 28-40 Rs. It comes for various different skins, Fair and lovely multivitamins, Fair and lovely ayurvedic etc. It is said to not contain harmful ingredients like Mercury and Steroids. The Fair and lovely cream is said to contain Unilever’s Patented Skin Lightening technology that comprises of a synergistic combination of Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) with UVA and UVB sunscreens which work together to protect the skin from darkening and gently, safely lightening the skin. If you ask me I have been using Fair and Lovely half my life but never helped me, so I think it’s just not for male skins. As for woman I think it has mild effect and would take really high amount to get your skin tone from dark to white. The biggest drawback I noticed about Fair and lovely is that when used in summers you may get pimples.

Fair and Handsome: – Shockingly the Indian fairness cream market never saw the males as their potential customers, until the Emami Fair and Handsome cream was launched. It can be said as the first cream to focus on Indian males. It is priced around 37 Rs for a medium pack. And yes I must say it works, atleast on my complexion it did show some positive results. But it has drawbacks the cream is sticky and does not spread over your skin. May be a gel base formulation would make it more effective. The ingredients have not been shared by the cream makers but they claim it to be Ayurvedic and natural.

Garnier for Men Power Light:- Garnier is a well known brand among beauty products, it has recently launched its popular Garnier for Men Powerlight cream, with a gel based cream Garnier Powerlight seems to be effective for all skins. It also provides you with SPF15 sun screen. Though I must say it is not for people who can spend. It is priced above 100 Rs for a single pack. The efficacy of the cream may depend on usage and your skin type.

Garnier Light Moisturizer :- Garnier light is mainly for woman’s skin. The cream claims to reduce dark skin pigmentation hence whitening your skin. The price of Garnier Light Moisturizer is decent and can be used without burning a hole in your pocket. Garnier Light Moisturizer combines selected natural ingredients in a proven formula. It is enriched with pure lemon essence and Vitamin C that help to clarify and smoothen your skin. The product also contains SPF 15 for sun screen protection. The product looks promising and can be tried.

Ponds white beauty:- A company like Ponds can never be left behind when it comes to skin and beauty products. Ponds body lotions and face wash are quite popular products in the market. Similarly, Pond’s white beauty is trying to acquire a higher customer share. Pond’s White Beauty is focused on middle and higher end customers, the Ponds white beauty is a powerful skin lightening cream that claims to combines Lycopene + Pro-Vitamin B3 in a formula that works to help replenish the skin’s depleted Lycopene levels. It is said to contain sun’s screen prevention ingredients. It also gently dilutes the accumulated melanin in the skin, helping give it a radiant pinkish-white glow as it lightens. The effectiveness of the cream can only be measured by usage.

Ponds Age Miracle:- The Ponds Age Miracle focuses on tightening your skin and reducing the fine lines and wrinkles, it is usually for middle aged woman. As other Ponds products this also claims to help the consumer in nearly seven days. The results on the consumers who tried it seem positive. Rest can only be said after trying the product. The product is focused on middle to high end consumers.

Olay Total Effects:- Olay is one revolutionary product that seems to have captured the market within such marginal time. The cream has just captured the market, if you go in a store and ask for the cream you won’t find it ladies are crazy about this product. Olay claims to fight seven signs of aging, it is non sticky and has light scent, can be used easily in summers. Olay Total Effects 7X contains VitaNiacin which has Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Vitamin B3. Olay Total Effects 7X is available in either a 1.7 oz. tube or a 3.4 oz tube (3.4 oz. tube lasts 16 weeks when used once in the morning) that is dispensed via an easy to use pump cap. This formula is dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), color and fragrance free, oil free, and fast absorbing. 
Olay claims that daily use this product helps fight 7 signs of aging. This means with regular use Olay Total Effects 7X diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Smooth out skin texture, even out skin tone, improve skin dullness, minimize large pores, visibly reduce blotches and age spots, and help heal dry cracked skin

These are some of the main fairness creams from Indian market in my opinion the major products to go after are Olay and Fair and Handsome. Though Olay has been focused on woman I think men too can try it for best results, remember to use face wash and clean your skin on regular basis for healthy and glowing results. There are other new products as well Fair and Lovely menz active, Nivea for Men, Vasline Mens etc. Rest melanin is an eminent part of human skin and prevents us from Sun damage there is no shame in have a dark complexion some of our famous models and actress are dark skinned too.

17 thoughts on “Best Fairness cream for men and women Fairness creams reviewed

  1. ramukaka Post author

    I personally think Fair and handsome is the best fairness cream for men but, it is sticky and not as gel based as Garnier power light, Himani fair and handsome is affordable and not as expensive as other manly creams

  2. srinivas

    Can you please review on Attitude and artistry products and please let me know.

  3. parveen

    all is fake,
    I am using mixture of Lemon+Honey+Almond, It is amazing mixture. It removes my pimple, scars, dark spot within one month,and my face is so fair, then before.
    At least you try this.
    Just welcome to ayurwade.

  4. ramukaka Post author

    Recently Olay has launched Olay for men whether it is as effective as the women’s version is yet to be known. But you can expect it to be at a high price than the current market brands like Garnier, Fair and Handsome and Fair n Lovely for men.

  5. Alfi

    I have a lil’l brown spot on my chubby….nd i get irritate…i have tried many remedies on it no positive result please let me Know about best cream or other any product which can get out dis spot from mah face!! :((

  6. Monica Post author

    lemons are known to reduce dark spots also some good creams for dark spot reduction are available in the market you can buy some good products like garnier, avon, olay etc, but if yourdark spot has been there for long consult a dermatologist thats the best option

  7. amarnadh

    My skin colour is black plz suggest me natural effective cream

  8. Monica Post author

    try lemon products if your skin is not delicate some, good bleach once a month and olay or garnier cream will work well.

  9. Manohar

    my skin color Is little dark and I am having some dark spots also please suggest any cream or treatment for fairness and spot reduction.

  10. Varun Balaga

    If u want to become fair try this cream from Olay it is the best Fairness Cream

  11. Dil

    My skin colour is black and summer started so more black pls help me which product i should use for fairness….. ap use kare so suggest karo

  12. Ashish raj

    if your skin some dark so you use sun crime SPF 30+ and use oil free Moisturiser.
    try it some time his works.

  13. Rajesh

    Hi guys males use . New everyuth menz whitening cream for 4x visible fairness result. In whith in 4 weeks. It gives whiten skin tone . Prevents premature ageing skin. Reduction in dark spots, it reduce pigmentation like blakspot and all. Try this cream i used a month it made my skin not just fair but 4x fair

  14. kamal

    Hi my name is kamal,
    i am in marketing field ,so i want to use sunscreen and fairness cream, please suggest one creame for fairness and sun control
    and which is best ,SPF 25 and above because i heard more than SPF 25 makes skin black
    and fairness cream suitable or not sun control for full days otherwise both sun creame and fairness cream at the same day it is better or not

    Please give suggestion

  15. Monica Post author

    garnier light for men along with a good face wash and sunscreen will be helpful cover your face with some cap and your hands with full sleeve shirt.

  16. feriha arif

    for fairer skin use ponds face wash deep cleansing facial foam its really effective.

  17. Adnan

    dear friends. i m living in saudi arabia
    my color is dark and has black spot.
    please suggest me through my email witch one is the best for me. [email protected]

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