My Son Is Dead Sir

This is an incident took place while I was heading towards my friends
place, this incident was not only sad but also taught me something valuable,
I am sure you will also learn something from this incident.

So I was heading towards my friends place as usual bike had no petrol so
I had to go on a rickshaw (I am sure you know what a rickshaw is ) this is a rickshaw

so I hired this rickshaw which an old man was pulling ! and started this short
journey towards my friends room, we had just crossed half the way when i asked
this old man “why you being so old are pulling a rickshaw you should be
siting at your home enjoying your coffee where are your kids ”

“He replied they are no more sir”, I was shocked to listen his reply I asked him what
happened to them, he told me that he has 5 sons 2 daughters, they all are married
now and live with their families I am alone with my old wife
so to survive in this cold season i need to work, I have no money all my fields
are useless I cant plough the fields alone, so I was here pulling the rickshaw !

My sons dont help me anymore they are concerned about their own families
after years of education and hard work that I did for them I got nothing in return
from them so they are dead for me !

This story is no different from someone the guys here they dont respect their parents,
they forget that they will grow up and soon be parents themselves, your parents
work day and night for you just to give you good education and a better life
and when you are able to stand on your own feet you shouldnt leave them alone !

They deserve love thats what the incident taught
me hope you learnt something too !