Nora Fatehi evicted from Bigg Boss 9

Nora Fatehi is the latest to be evicted from Big Boss Nau and she feels slightly disappointed with it. Noted for her much publicised relationship with Prince Narula who was also a fellow contestant in the show, she says that they are still friends and she hopes to “continue that relationship post Big Boss 9”. Prince had even proposed to Nora inside the Big Boss, which she accepted and was visibly elated.

But detailing about their camaraderie, she rebuffed all the talks about their relationship and said it didn’t reach a relationship level yet. She was quoted “Both of us like each other. People made it look like I was dating him but it’s not like that. I have told Prince that I would like to meet him outside the house and get to know what kind of a person he is.”

She also talked about length about her eviction. She called herself outspoken and standing up for all rights and wrongs inside the house. She also regretted her fight with Rishabh as she dislikes tiffs but said that it just happened in the heat of the moment. She also held Kishwar and Prince as her closest mates and that she held no grudges against anyone. She also wanted any of those to win, but predictably supported Prince more!

It’s interesting to note that Nora Fatehi, the Moroccan-Canadian dancer and model who also acted in languages ranging from Telugu to Hindi like Kick, Baahubali and also as recently in Emraan Hashmi’s Mr. X, is slowly distancing herself from her much touted chemistry with Prince. This is pertinent from her admission that she did like him but from her end, there was nothing more to it! “I never went overboard saying, “I love you”, “I miss you” and stuff just for the sake of attention” was her point.

It is widely believed that Nora used Prince as a pawn to win sides in BB9, but ultimately it could not her win much audience and was subsequently evicted from the house on January 2nd episode. She came on a wild card entry and seemed low on votes, when she with Suyyash were evicted. She was also notorious for calling fellow inmate Mandana Karimi as a “chudail”!She held Mandana to be a rebellious character who always fights, which Mandana rebutted saying despite her nominated for 10 times for elimination, she is still in the house which shows her USP to the audience.