Plants Vs Zombies cheats & tricks

plants vs zombies

Plants Vs Zombies is one addictive game developed by Pop Cap games. Named the game of the year it is a cool game for all ages and genders. The main of the game is to grow plants and fight zombies that attack your house. These plants are grown in your backyard, garden and roof. The game sounds easy but as the stage progresses the dificulty increases. You are given some sun points which allow you to grow plants of varying points. The more the sun points you have the better are your chances of winning.


The basic plants are sun flower and sunshroom which provide you sun points. The attacking plants are from Peashooter to the best Melon shooters. There are also defense walls which allow you to prevent zombies until they are destroyed. In the later stages the plants are also grown on water.

Similarly, Zombies are from basic level zombie to Dancing and Frenkenstien size zombies, which are hard to kill.

The game has mainly three modes of play. The Adventure mode, Puzzle mode and the Mini Games level.

The Adventure mode allows you to play the normal Plants vs Zombies game in story mode. Where as the puzzle mode and Mini games are secondary games where the aims vary according to stages.

To win most of the games buy atleast one peashooter and brick wall. Remember to plant as many sunflowers as you possibly can the more the sun points the more your chances of winning. I usually plant two vertical rows of sunflowers. Star and Mellon shooters are good but if you really want to slow the enemies freezing peanut shooter and corn shooters are great options.

The Shop:- Your neighbour Crazy Dave has a shop which has some useful stuff you will have to buy in order to progress and improve your game. Remember to buy the Tree of Wisdom which provides you useful information when grown to full height.

The Zen Garden:- This is where you grow your plants and they give you coins, these coins help you buy things from Crazy Dave’s shop. Coins can also be earned while defeating enemies during game.

The game is simple and fun filled a must try for everyone.

Here are some Cheats for Plants vs Zombies which will enhance your gameplay.

There is no second part of this game Plants Vs Zombies is yet to enter the market.