Puneet Vashist evicted from Bigg Boss 9

In the latest elimination spree from Big Boss Nau, actor Puneet Vashist, who came as second wild card entry in the show has been shown the door. He could manage to stay for only couple of weeks and was quite unpopular among the audience, leading to his ouster. Asked about his comments on it, he said that his staying away from fights and arguments had cost him his place in the show.

He defended his introvert behaviour and blamed audience for expecting too much of “fight and drama” from him, when it is not his cup of tea. He also said that he had no regrets participating in the show as it was a “decently paid” show for him. He is best known for his role in Taal and Josh as a sidekick to Shah Rukh Khan.

Audience believe his unnecessary inputs in the show and self-boasting did him in – he even argued with Salman, the host of the show had grilled him during Weekend Ka Vaar episode, after which he was eliminated.

Asked to pick winner for this season, he believes Aman will pull all stops to win this season as he has “the right temperament”. He termed Manadana Karimi as a double faced person who is untrustworthy and “very strange”. This has led to speculations already that Mandana is very upset with his words and may soon leave Bigg Boss! Lots of drama has ensued over this past week, and seems like there is lots more in store!

Elsewhere, former Big Boss participant and this year’s panelist on Bigg Boss 9 Kamya Punjabihas termed Kishwer Merchant as uneducated and uncultured; Kamya said this during her comments when she interacted with the contestants and gave them an outsiders perspective on their conduct inside the house.

Rimi Sen, the relatively quiet person in the house dropped a bomb by her highly sexist remarks, which has already shocked the inmates and audience. She revealed her degraded viewpoint on how women are inferior to men and should behave in that manner alone, and should not become equal to men!! In addition to tis she also said that men get frustrated because of women’s behaviour! Quoting “ladki ho, ladki ke tarah raho”, during her conversation with Prince, Suyyash and Puneet, adding “One should never challenge a strong man”.

The “Shaitani Bachche” task, on which nominations will take place, the whole Big Boss house was turned into a nursery with kids’ team having Prince, Rishabh, Kishwar and Rochelle and others as caretakers also created lot of drama in the house. Despitebeing warned of not creating any violence in the task, Prince and Rishabh hurt Digangana by dragging her inside pool following which heated argument took place between them. This created two camps inside the house and lots of drama which kept audience in tenterhooks all throughout!