Roadies 7 winner MTV Roadies Anwar Syed wins

By | April 6, 2010

anwar syed mtv roadies

MTv Roadies 7 season has been won by Anwar Syed, the runner up for Seventh season were Zaid Bin Nazir. At the grand finale episode 4th April 2010 of MTV roadies 7 all roadies were grouped in teams of two. One of the team with Meghna and other with Mohit.

In the final competition the tussle was between Zaid Bin Nazir and Anwar Syed for MTV Roadies 7 title. It was competition of pure muscle power in which finally Zaid Bin Nazir was defeated and got hurt while Anwar Syed Roadies / Syed Anwar was claimed the winner of Roadies 7.

Now the fans of the Roadies M Tv show are finding on internet specially those who could not watch the episode of Grand Finale M Tv Roadies 7. Few were guessing even before the grand finale that Anwar Syed will come as the winner of the Roadies 7 and that has become the true. People are now searching for the Anwar roadies, Who won roadies 7.0, Zaid Bin Nazir, Mtv roadies 7.0 winner etc.



you can also try these video links for the final episode and fight between Anwar Syed and Zaid

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