Samsung Looses 1 Billion Dollar Patent Case Against Apple

The biggest mobile manufacturers Apple and Samsung were in a legal battle for patents, and unfortunately Samsung lost to Apple a 1.5 Billion dollar case. The South Korean giants loss means that operating system running on its machine, which is Google Android won’t be free anymore which might increase the cost of Android phones. Probably the sales of Apple will go up.

Apple has asked an immediate ban on 8 of the mobile phones manufactured by Samsung. Samsung has already outsold Apple in the sales this year by offering more variety to the customers. Obviously Apple phones or Apple products are expensive and not everyone can afford to buy one.

Samsung stocks declined by 7.5 percent. Samsung is a big manufacturer of electronics products and currently supplies, mobile processors for iPhone and iPad, also the display and memory chips to Apple. Probably Apple will have to find some other manufacturer for this unit. May be this could create a cold war between the two companies.

Apple has patent for iPhone design, pinch zoom features and many other aspects on which it has sued Samsung.

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