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I am really busy these days besides many users ask me how they can share news on here I have added a new functionality on site, which will allow users to submit neeshu. Feel free to share any thing other then Bollywood or Hollywood movies and porn. Rest most of the things you see in main menu are allowed I would prefer, articles. Related to Technology, health and fashion, along with jokes, sms and shayari. Your name will be added along with every news article.

Here are some steps on how to submit news 

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Step 3 :- Enter the Title or heading for the news 

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Step 4 :-Enter the introduction of the topic

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Step 5:- Use image toolbar to enter a image upload images on, or some other site please don’t use photobucket.

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Step 6:- Enter rest of the news in bottom part or the main text box (Dont repeat the intro text in main text box)

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step 7:- Hit the save button on the top of the page you are done

have a great day thanks for you support, you will be awarded with lots of prizes, I can assure you that.

You can mention your sites name if you want, or the source from where the content is been picked up only if you own the site or content.