Saahore Baahubali 2 Song Lyrics and Meaning Prabhas SS Rajamouli

Saahore re Baahubali is one of the title songs of the movie Baahubali 2. The movie is an epic, with actors which the hindi belt might not even have heard of have done an awesome work. It is a family movie and a complete entertainer which tells how rich India’s history was and the role of women in it.

Here is the song Saahore re Baahubali with meaning and translation in English

Bhali bhali bhali ra bhali
Saahore Bahubali
Bhali bhali bhali ra bhali
Saahore Bahubali

Meaning:- Hail, Hail, all Hail
Glory be to Baahubali!

जय हो बाउबली


Jayaharathi neeke pattali pattali
Bhuvanalanni jai kottali
Gaganale chhathram pattali

Meaning:- We pray for your victory All The worlds should rejoice
as the skies become your shield (umbrella)

Heysa rudhrassa
Heysarabhadra samudhrassa (x4)

Meaning:- Oh fierce one the one who is like Rudra or Shiva’s angry incarnation, blessed one, 
oh the one mighty as ocean


Aa janani dheeksha achalam
Ee koduke kavacham

Meaning:- O mother(here referred to has Shivagami Devi) this son is the shield
of your unwavering faith(piety)

Ippuda ammaki ammavainandhuka
Pulakarinchindhigaa ee kshanam

Meaning:-Now for becoming a mother to your mother (protector)
This moment has turned to be of overflowing happiness

Adavulu guttal mittal gaminchu
Pidikita pidugul patti minchu
Arikula vargaal dhurgaal jayinchu
Avaniki swargaale dhinchu

Meaning:- conquer the forests, sand lands and mountains(hills),
and capture the thunderbolts(storms) in your fists as you move forward
win over the fierce armies
bring down the heaven to earth.

Antha maha baludainaa
Amma vodi pasivaade
Shivudainaa bhavudaina
Ammaki saati kadhantade

Meaning:- though he is the mighty one,
he is just an infant to his mother
Fierce lord shiva or a mere mortal human
no one comes at par to a mother

Heysa rudhrassa
Heysarabhadra samudhrassa (x2)

Heysa rudhrassa (x2)
Heysarabhadra samudhrassa (x2)

Heysa rudhrassa
Heysarabhadra samudhrassa (x5)

Bhali bhali bhali ra bhali
Sahore Baahubali
Jayaharathi neeke pattali pattali (x2)

Bhuvanalani jai kottali
Gaganale chathram pattali