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What are the Benefits of an MBA?

the question of why mba will be answered here The more appropriate question is, how will an MBA benefit you? To answer that, you need to have a clear understanding of yourself and your career goals. There are many career benefits of an MBA and people get the degree for different reasons. Some of the… Read More »

Secrets Of The TOEFL Listening

Toefl listening and reading have always been a trouble for most examinees here are some secret tips to help you. This is the easiest part of the TOEFL ibt. But… do you know what are you going to listen to? If you’re not prepared, your notes will be totally useless!

5 Myths About Graduate School

here are some common myths about graduate school and they will be shattered by the author. There are myths in this world and then there are realities. Many people have preconceived notions about graduate school that may not necessarily be true. We have compiled some of the more common myths that prospective students have about… Read More »

Finding best graduate school

Making the decision to go to graduate school is difficult, and choosing a school is even harder. Before you waste your time and energy, check out this list of tips on finding the best graduate school. Start with the Basics Finding a graduate school can be an arduous process. There are thousands of graduate schools… Read More »

How to delete a blog on blogger

I found this article on one of the blogs I hope it proves useful to users visiting my site How to delete a blog I have been doing some research into blog deletions and deletions in general. I have found that there are many blogs that are in a state of a more serious need… Read More »

India wins Twenty20 world Cup

Jubilant Indian cricket team players raise the ICC World Twenty20 trophy after defeating Pakistan in the final at the Wanderers Cricket Stadium in Johannesburg overnight. INDIA claimed the inaugural Twenty20 World Cup, beating Pakistan by five runs in a thrilling final overnight. Recalled all-rounder Irfan Pathan and new-ball bowler Rudra Pratap Singh took three wickets each… Read More »

My Son Is Dead Sir

This is an incident took place while I was heading towards my friends place, this incident was not only sad but also taught me something valuable, I am sure you will also learn something from this incident.

Respect Women

Don’t let your son grow up to be a male chauvinist. Teach him to respect women as equals, so he grows up into a fine young man who will do you proud. 1] Teach your son that he should never, ever strike a girl, no matter what the provocation. If he has a sister who… Read More »