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Few tips for better skin for men

Men’s skin is always treated with disregard most of the cosmetic products earlier available in the market were focussed around women’s skin. But not any more there are a lot more options and products to choose from and one can take a good care of his skin. It is said that men face more pollution… Read More »

Break up why women leave men

Some reasons as of why women leave men Relations are weak bonds of love between men and women our minor mistakes and behaviour can change the way of how our relationships end. Usually women are considered to be the more sensitive of the two genders when it comes to comparision. But one thing to remember… Read More »

Stylish Sunglasses for men

A cool collection of sunglasses for men Here is a range of sunglasses for the 2009 Summer wouldn’t be summer without a great set of men’s sunglasses. In fact, while some maintain that clothes make the man, we believe that it’s actually his shades that define his character in the warm weather months. Men’s sunglasses… Read More »

How to breakup gently

Some relations don’t go longin that case it is mature to move ahead of the relation rather then hurting both you and your partner. You’ve recognized the signs, abandoned hope of resuscitation, and come to a decision: It’s time to end your relationship. But before devastating your girlfriend’s heart with a direct hit from the… Read More »

Social Leprosy top 10 signs

The annoying Social Leprosy top 10 signs The main difference between a social leper and a person with actual leprosy is that the social leper doesn’t realize they’re disgusting. When real lepers’ ears start falling off, they gracefully retreat to an Island of Dr. Moreau-type place. However, a social leper will often flaunt the possession… Read More »

Falling into True Intimacy

Psychologists tell us we’re born afraid of just two things. The first is loud noises. Do you recall the second? Most people guess “abandonment” or “starvation,” but neonatal dread was simpler than that: It was the fear of falling. Today we all have a much richer array of consternations, but I’ll bet falling is still… Read More »

How Not To Approach Women

How Not To Approach Women A girl is being constantly approached by men. So she has to find who is the best and normal guys usually are disregarded instantly, you must have seen guys come up and say hi how are you kind of words, you no this is not going to work here are… Read More »