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Bheriya or Bhediya is a Indian hindi comics book hero, published by Raj Comics. Bheriya was first created by Dheeraj Verma in December 1993. The first comics was named Bheriya where we see a Gold statue of the character which is revieved by wolves through sacrifice of a girl. In 1997 India’s first digitally colored comicbook Kobi aur Bheriya was published. This comic book rewrote the laws of comic creation in the industry.

The lengthened tail to any desired length at wish and used as a potent weapon or aid. This tail is of Kobi from KOBI AUR BHERIYA. Kobi was the prince of Kingdom Wolfano.Later with some tricks he turned into a gold statue. Later whn he gat his actual life back he was in a jungle . He starts his new life their with the name “Bheriya”. Bheriya is a towering figure with howling mane, twisting tail and glowing eyes.

·He protects his native forest with a passion, and the natives worshiped him as their wolf God. Bheriya finds a master, Bhatiki, who teaches him. Bhatiki splits Bheriya into “Kobi” and “Bheriya”. Bhatiki did this in order to send kobi to Wolfano. But bhatiki fails to do so, mean while kobi the wolf or animal part of bheriya marrys jane and is unable to leave the jungle. Since 10 years Kobi is residing in the jungles of Assam, and protecting the residents from many dangers.

List of all Bheriya comics published by Raj comics:-

Spcl-0030     Bheriya
Genl-0517    Bheriya Aaya
Genl-0523    Elphanto
Genl-0539    Green Gold
Genl-0547    Bhoora Billa
Genl-0551    Blast
Genl-0559    Lazy
Genl-0574    Meen
Genl-0584    Laskula
Genl-0603    Lutera Sher
Genl-0627    Bhediya Kaun
Genl-0637    Bheriya Ki Khoj
Spcl-0038    Wulfa
Spcl-0045    Grahno
Spcl-0050    Tilange
Spcl-0056    Main Hoon Bheriya
Genl-0673    Bali
Genl-0682    Nahin Rahega Aatank
Genl-0693    Baagad Billi
Genl-0713    Bhatiki Kaa Jaal
Genl-0724    Gulaamo Ki Ghaati
Genl-0738    Bheriya Ka Kanoon
Genl-0742    Hatyara
Spcl-0074     Ladaake
Genl-0752    Achook
Genl-0768    Nagore
Genl-0775    Maut Ke Parkaale
Genl-0778    Chunnauti
Genl-0785    Nanhe Hatyare
Genl-0805    Kaigula
Genl-0815    Jangal Ka Jallad
Genl-0825    Harpa Ka Vish
Genl-0835    Rakshak
Genl-0840    Gajaara
Spcl-0092    Janglistan

Genl-0850    Maut Mere Andar
Genl-0860    Indrajaal
Genl-0863    Mugambo
Genl-0870    Andhi Dhundh
Genl-0873    Totem Pole
Genl-0880    Ayee Museebat
Genl-0883    Jinda Patthhar
Genl-0890    Kaala Sona
Genl-0893    Jaag Kritya Jaag
Genl-0901    Jaanwar
Genl-0923    Bhujang
Genl-0933    Neeli Laashein
Spcl-0117    Kobi Aur Bheriya
Spcl-0124    Kaun Bada Jallad
Genl-0949    Mera Jangal
Genl-0958    Aag Aur Paani
Genl-0975    Jen
Genl-1029    Arey Baap Re
Genl-1036    Charon Khaane Chitt
Spcl-0136    Doma
Spcl-0146    Bali Kuthaar
Spcl-0150    Bheel
Genl-1087    Masaba
Genl-1110    Bachana Mushkil
Spcl-0171    Boodhha Jangal
Spcl-0172    Jaan Ke Laale
Spcl-0174    Saleeb
Spcl-0180    Bhago Pagal Aaya
Spcl-0184    Kshetra
Spcl-0191    Do Do Haath
Spcl-0193    Thu Thu
Spcl-0199    Maara Maari
Spcl-0207    Hurdang
Genl-1145    Bura Naa Mano
Spcl-0224    Apni Raksha Aap
Spcl-0229    Kadam Kadam Pe Khatra
Spcl-0237    Patthar Kobi Patthar Bheriya
Spcl-0249    Diggaj
Spcl-0254    Kaante
Spcl-0260    Yuvraj
Spcl-0265    Itna Bada Kobi
Spcl-0273    Bheriya Vansh
Spcl-0280    Mar Gaya Bheriya
Spcl-0287    Kobi Bajaye Baaja
Spcl-0294    Jangal Jangal Maut Chali
Spcl-0301    Apshakun
Spcl-0310    Maut Na Maare Koi
Spcl-0322    Hari Bhari Maut
Spcl-0331    Bahrupa
Spcl-0338    Jal Utha Jangal
Spcl-0343    Kobi Bhai
Spcl-0348    Ek Myan Do Talwar
Spcl-0357    Gangwar
Spcl-0367    King Luna
Spcl-0375    Ajooba
Spcl-0387    Jitega Thodanga
Spcl-0402    Ghatak Jangal
Spcl-0413    Mission Nakaam
Spcl-0415    Dekh Tabahi Lakdi Ki
Spcl-0422    Bheraksh
Spcl-0433    Wahi Purana Jallad
Spcl-0446    Maut Kshetra
Spcl-0457    Chhupa Kaabra
Spcl-0471    Sardar Kobi
Spcl-0481    Ashwa
Spcl-0493    Condore
Spcl-0506    Maut Jayegi Khali Haath
Spcl-0518    Jangal Paar
Spcl-0531    Kala Bheriya
Spcl-0543    Kaarkotak
Spcl-0554    Kaise Ladun Kaise Bhidun
Spcl-0566    Uttaradhikari
Spcl-0578    Jangal Meri Mutthi Mein
Spcl-0588    Fir Aya Wulfa
Spcl-0591    Main Tera Baap
Spcl-0599    Kaale Log Musibat Bhog
Spcl-0607    Main Bhi Rakshak
Spcl-0614    Jangal Ka Beta
Spcl-0622    Tarju
Spcl-0629    Jangal Sharir
Spcl-0641    Jangal Sabka Hai
Spcl-0652    Jangal Khali Karo
Spcl-0667    Asli Naqli
Spcl-0683    Yahi Hai Kobi
Spcl-0689    Aadam Khor Bheriya
Spcl-0697    Gajbola
Spcl-2232    Ek Jinn Ek Bheriya
Spcl-2242    Chero Pao Maut
Spcl-2248    Jaan Par Bhaari
Spcl-2255    Aai Shaamat Aai
Spcl-2256    Iccha Aur Dhaari
Spcl-2262    Pinjar
Spcl-2486    Keerti Stambh
Spcl-2497    Jal Jeevani

Spcl-2499    Raktbeej

Amar Prem Series

Spcl-2267    Prem Ritu
Spcl-2276    Kobi Prem
Spcl-2282    Guru Bhokal
Spcl-2296    Kobi Dakshina
Spcl-2303    Amar Prem
Spcl-2317    Prem Bala
Spcl-2334    Prem Nakhoon
Spcl-2341    Prem Hiran
Spcl-2347    Avdhoot
Spcl-2357    Prem Pishach
Spcl-2366    Prem Tadap
Spcl-2369    Prem Prateek
Spcl-2374    Prem Ratna
Spcl-2388    Prem Ashru
Spcl-2402    Prem Shraadh
Spcl-2406    Van Rakshak
Spcl-2423    Shaapit Rakshak
Spcl-2441    Aahuti

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