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Nai Dilli Fighter Toads comics

Nai Dilli is a hilarious comics from Fighter Toads series. Fighter Toads are much similar to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. These heroes stay away from publicity and live inside gutters. They hide their identities from everyone but still fight crime and bad guys to save their city. Fighter Toads comics is published by Raj comics in Hindi. Their comics is very well written and will make your lungs blow out with laughter. They live in a city called Rajnagar but now they seem to have come to Delhi, and fight crime see what happens and how the four super heroes of the Fighter Toads series make you laugh. You can download the comics from Raj comics store. The story of the comics is about, some bad guys from neighbouring country have entered Rajapur and with the help of computer want to steal some secret information. See how fighter toads save the city and fight back these bad guys.

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