Top 5 Chest Exercises Without Weights and Gym Equipments

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If you always craved to have great chest, like Arnold, and Batista, then you should read this. Chest muscles as any other body muscles if worked out can be increased in size and can help you increasing the size of your chest making you look more muscular and attractive. Here are top 5 chest exercises which you can do without weight or gym equipments.
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Since chest muscles really never work out much like leg and arm muscles hence they can easily become bulky and start hanging. You must have seen old, people or fat guys have hanging chest. Yes it looks odd. As what I can recommend you is loosing a bit of weight and some workout like the ones mentioned here will help you gain your chest size to that of Mr. Universe. Talking about chest sizes, I personally feel people in older days were much more fit and had great physique compared to modern day men. Reason being our lives have become much more easy. We go to out in cars instead of walking use tv remotes instead of walking to the tv and changing channel
I remember, some of the good exercises for chest were shown by Brock Lesnar who is a WWE superstar and a former UFC Champion, you can find his video in this post.

Starting with the best Chest exercises here is the first one.

1) Basic pushups :- Basic Pushups can be performed in two ways one where you work on an even surface like the floor, and others were you are on some elevated surface, see the picture above, keep your palms inline with your shoulders and face up stretch your legs to a decent length so they don’t bend. Let your toes touch the ground. Now go down without touch the floor let your arms do the work, and come up do it slowly. Take atleast 3 seconds for each pushup. This will make the workout more tough and intense.


2) Elevated pushups:-

In this exercise take a steady chair, and keep your feet firm on it. Put your arms on the ground, in line with your shoulders. Straighten your back and now bend your arms 90 and go down and come up slowly. This exercise can also be down where you keep your arms on a chair’s handles and legs on the ground. In this exercise as you can see in the picture below. You have to keep your hands on the handles of the chair make sure the chair is steady and strong enough to take your weight. Do not use a plastic chair. Grab the handles firm and go down keep your hands at 90 degrees, face up and keep your spine straight. The deeper you go the better it is.

Here is more on how to use a chair for chest exercises ==>


3) Parallel Chair workouts:- The best parallel chair workout was shown by Charles Atlas in his book, where you have to place two chairs. Each facing inside towards each other. Now put your hands on the chairs placed parallel. One hand on left chair and other on the right. Stretch your legs to full length don’t bend your knees. Face up and start bending down with your arms at 90 degrees. Keep the distance of the chairs according to your intensity the more deep you go the more intense the workout will be, also the farther the distance between chairs the more hard it will be for you to go down. Do not over stretch your shoulder muscles doing this. The picture will guide you better.

breathing exercise

4) Breathing exercise:- This is also one of the famous exercises by Charles Atlas, in this exercise first you should exhale keep your hands crossed infront of you and below your waist. Now take a deep breath and let your arms stretched out in both directions much like you are
calling the world to come to you. You should practice this in open air.

5) The Bamboo Dip:- I am not sure what Brock Lesnar calls it but if it works for him it will work for you as well. Take two parallel rods or strong bamboo sticks. Keep the first two ends at one point on the ground making them fix firmly. Hold the other two ends with your hands and follow the same dip exercise. Keep your hands at 90 degrees, go deep down and push up keep your legs stretched and knees straight. My words wont be enough to explain this exercise so watch the video from Brock Lesnar.