Hatayara kaun and Maine mara Dhruv ko

maine mara dhruv kohatyara kaun

Maine mara Dhruv ko and Hatyara Kaun (Super Commando Dhruv Comics)

Here are two more comics from raj comics in hindi starring Dhruv along with many super villains and heroes who clame to have killed dhruv here are the two comics Maine mara Dhruv ko and Hatyara Kaun

One of the most popular sequel comics from Dhruv, probably the first digest sequel comics, I remember this was the comics which we all had been eagerly waiting for because it had shown that Super commando Dhruv was dead and everyone wanted to know how. You will find every villain of Dhruv in these comics, also including were the friends of Dhruv. The story was written in such detail that even the best of the readers will get puzzled and the art work is just superb, if you find this comics just grab it and keep it in a showcase.