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here are some beauty tips from Sunsilk

Most women just tend to take care of their face and spend a fortune on buying facial care products. They forget to take care of their neck, back and bust. They even forget to moisturise their body and legs leaving them dry and peeling.

Cure: Stop giving the rest of your body step-motherly treatment. When you pamper your skin, go the whole way and restore the glow and beauty of your neck, back and bust. For these, you don’t have to invest in separate products. Just extend your face care to these areas. Use your facial scrub to exfoliate your neck, back and bust. Cleanse the areas regularly with a creamy cleanser every day when you take your make-up off at night. Since age shows the fastest in these areas, you can invest in a good anti-ageing cream and use it on these areas even if you don’t apply the cream on your face. This will ensure a supple neck and bust.

Cut cuticle
cut cuticle

You believe that for neat nails and toes you must eliminate your cuticles and cut them clean off. Simply stop the practice since this can lead to fungal infection in those areas and you may end up with a hangnail or, worse, weak brittle nails prone to breaking.

Cure: Tell your manicurist and pedicurist to avoid trimming your cuticles. Instead, soften the cuticles with a cuticle cream and then push them towards the base. Rather than cutting the dry ends, simply file away the cuticle. This will neaten your cuticle and keep the base of your nail strong. After this, apply nail-strengthening cream and massage individual nails taking care to smoothen your cuticle upwards.


Over Conditioning

hair conditioning

Your limp hair and frizzy ends say that you love your conditioner too much. You have bought the most expensive hair care product and yet your hair is limp and falling. This is a sure sign of conditioner overdose. When applying conditioners, we tend to put some in our hair roots, which actually weakens the strands.

Cure: “When you are applying a conditioner, put it a bit away from your roots and apply the most near the ends,” says Chandan Jaiswal, Kerastase Hair Ambassador. Then activate it by massaging the strands and washing off with cool to cold water. This will seal the cuticles and allow the conditioners to create a protective layer over your hair. You can apply a hair mask to the roots or a deep conditioning product, but for regular or leave-in conditioners, avoid piling it on the roots.

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