Hawaldar Bahadur Comics Download Hawaldar Bahadur Aur Ganja King Kong


Hawaldar Bahadur is a funny comics hero from Manoj comics, they were published in 80’s and 90’s but now, Hawaldar Bahadur comics are no more published. Here is a rare comics from Hawaldar Bahadur series called Hawaldar Bahadur aur Ganja King Kong. The story of this comics is hilarious, and it is a digest comics. Manoj comics stories were amazing and were filled with small jokes. Everyone from a child to a elder guy will love Hawaldar Bahadur comics. Download Hawaldar Bahadur  from here or read online.Manoj comics mainly went out of market because they did not give too many free gifts usually, Raj comics had a better marketing tactics comics compared to them. Still their stories were rare and enthralling.