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nagraj comics

First 20 comics of Nagraj series

Nagraj is a super hero from raj comics with the abilities that of a snake he fights crime not only in his city but across the world the initial nagraj comics were super hit filled with action and suspense. Here are some of the initial comics of Nagraj, these were the days and stories, when Nagraj used to travel around the world, and fight crime, some of the best and my personal favourite comics include, Kobra Ghati, Ichchadhari Nagraj, and Nagraj Aur Sankar Sehanshah, you will be thrilled to read the story, as each of the comics, has a straight forward story, which you will understand word by word. You can download Nagraj Comics from Raj comics store link of which is provided below. Today is Nagraj’s birthday on 6th October.

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Nagraj Comics

Nagraj was the first comics of Nagraj ever published by Raj comics, the super hero was said to have been invented by Nagmani a professor who was researching on various venoms, he adopts an orphan boy from a temple and makes him Nagraj. Initially he uses Nagraj for his evil purposes but then comes Baba Gorakhnath who removes the capsule from Nagraj’s mind which allowed professor Nagmani to control him and thus puts Nagraj on a way to fight against crime and for justice of people around the world.

Nagraj –

The bad guys want Nagraj dead but its not easy to beat him this comics has a part called Nagraj ka Badla.

Nagraj Ki Kabr –

Nagraj ka badla –

In this comics Nagraj goes to HongKong and fights crime on his way.

Nagraj ki hongkong Yatra –

Nagraj aur Shango –

Khuni Khoz –

Khooni Yatra as the name suggests Nagraj is on a journey where he meets bad guys who want to finish him this comics also has a part called Nagraj ka insaaf where Nagraj takes his revenge and beats the big boss.

Khuni Yatra –

Nagraj Ka insaaf –

Khuni Jang –

Nagraj saves captured people by a criminal gangster in this comics Prayalankari Nagraj

Prayankari Nagraj –

Khooni Kabila is a comics where Nagraj goes to a tribal area and fights a killer tribal people who breathe fire these amazing people over power Nagraj and defeat him in this part of the comics he later escapes and comes back in the sequel of this comics to save his friends.

khuni kabila –

Nagraj comes to Kobra ghati to find powers hidden in this area so he can fight the tribal warriors of Khoni Kabila. He also acquires some good snake friends who later fight along with him.

Kobra Ghaati –

Bacchon ke dushman –

Some thieves steal the mani from the Nagdweep island and Nagraj is on the mission to catch them this comics has a sequel.

Pralayankari mani –

Shankar shanshah –

Nagraj was shocked to see his clone but its not his clone but Nagdant who first comes to Nagraj comics as his villain and is still alive more about Nagdant can be found in later comics called Jehrile.

Nagraj ka dushman –

Nagraj shows his icchadhari powers in this comics for the first time.

Icchadhaari Nagraj –

Nagraj and Kaldoot see as Nagraj fights the strongest snake in the world Kaldoot later he becomes a follower of them.

Nagraj aur Kaaldut –

The magical villain which is impossible to defeat you will see super man in this comics Nagraj and Sakura.

Nagraj aur jaadugar shaakura

Nagraj aur Bauna Shaitan

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