Nikal Pada Doga

nikal pada doga

Nikal Pada Doga

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Suraj was a skinny orphan who was found as an infant in a rubbish dump by Daku Halkan Singh, a ruthless Dacoit, who brought him up, but treated him like a dog (and called him that). While in Halkan’s care, the child witnessed endless horrors that would ultimately lead to his becoming a sociopath.

Eventually Halkan abandoned him, and Suraj’s life took a turn for the better when he met Adrak Chacha (Hindi word for paternal uncle) and his brothers. Adrak allowed the child to make use of his gym (Lion Gym) for weightlifting helping him to build his muscle mass. He was also given training in martial arts under Haldi Khan (one of Adrak’s brothers), boxing under Dhania Khan, and marksmanship under Kalimirchi Khan (the youngest brother).

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