Prem Chorpa Bankelal Comics Read Online New Comics Raj Comics Set 5 of 2012

By | September 18, 2012

prem chopra bankelal comics download

Prem Chopra is upcoming Bankelal comics. As usual Bankelal is busy trying to defeat Raja Vikram Singh and take over his kingdom. This is the latest comics from Raj comics set 5 of 2012. For people who do not know Bankelal, he is a funny comics hero from Raj comics. He tries ill means to take over the kingdom of Vishalgarh but fails every time. Bankelal comics are filled with fun and humour.Prem Chopra is the story of Bankelal’s latest comics where Bankelal feels irked after being defeated by Vikram Singh in a wrestling competition and decide that he will ask other kings to participate in games and ask them to defeat the King Vikram Singh. But Vikram Singh is undefeated. Then comes to the rescue of Bankelal is dice lord Pasa Mama. Then Bankelal decides that he will defeat Raja Vikram Singh in the game of Chopar and take over his kingdom will Bankelal win read the new comics and find out. You can download the new Bankelal comics Prem Chorpa from Raj comics store as well it is only for rupees 27.

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