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Psychologist is a brilliant but devious character who rules the drug mafia in Rajnagar! He is a sadist who likes to research drugs using his patients as guinea pigs. His terror ensures that his henchman will embrace death rather than to divulge any details about his operation or his whereabouts! During his sessions Psychologist tries to unearth phobias of his patients and uses it to coax his patients into committing crimes! Dhruv encounters one such man but is grievously injured in the battle. Some unknown toxins have weakened his mind and doctors have recommended him to abstain from any form of combat for a week else he may face a nervous breakdown! Dr. Sulemani is a renowned psychiatrist himself and is an old adversary of Psychologist! Dhruv is taking the aid of Dr Sulemani to combat the menace of Psychologist. Parab an ardent fan of Dhruv and skilled in martial art had rescued Dhruv from his assailants. Now Psychologist is using Parab as the bait to trap Dhruv! Unaware of psychologist’s plans both Parab and Dhruv head towards an unseen disaster! Parab has drowned in a river and is reported missing while Dhruv is in coma! Will psychologist spread his tentacles across Rajnagar or will an angel arise to curb the menace of Psychologist? Ravish this engrossing mystery exclusively on Raj Comic in hindi