Best April Fool’s Day Pranks for Office and Home

April Fool’s Day is celebrated on 1st of April across the world, on this day you are free to play jokes and pranks on your friends and colleagues at work. Here I found some amazing pranks which you can try this April Fool’s day.

1) If you are in your office and your colleague has left his PC unattended change his wallpaper to a blue screen error and remove the icons from view> show desktop icons, also set auto hide taskbar, check his reaction when he sees this error. To add to this misery you can pull of the keyboard and mouse cords from the PC.

2) This one is for parents and roommates, when your kids or friends are asleep change their beds. Check their reaction when they wake up.

3) If you have knowledge of any other language or can restore the phone back to its original language then change the phone language of your friend from English to something like Chinese or Korean.

4) If you are in school, and wish to play a prank on your teacher (if he/she allows it) place some flower petals/papers on the fan and when it is switched on
check their reaction.

5) Here is another office/home practical joke which can be done easily, change the liquid hand wash with pancake syrup or some other liquid like ketchup.

6) If your friend uses an iPhone or Android mobile download the broken phone app, link given below and see what happens when they open their phone. there are many similar apps like this on the play store.

7) Morph your image with some celebrity and put your status on facebook saying you have met him last week. Sounds lame but see how many friends actually believe it.

8) Put a sign on the office, copier and printing machine that says, “The new copier is now voice-activated. Everything you print can be heard.”

9) Change your outgoing voicemail message to “Hello? … Hello? … April Fools!”

10) If you are at home or a friend has a watch at his desk change the time on his PC/clock by 1-2 hours.

11) Change your girlfriend’s mobile ringtone to something like “Help ! get me out of here” and put the mobile in her purse, give a call and see her reaction.