Habits Women Love

Men might think that women are complicated creatures who cry for no reason and make nonsensical complaints out of boredom. The truth of the matter is, however, that women aren’t that difficult to figure out at all. All they want is a little attention. So to avoid those nasty “You... Read more

Faith and dating

Every woman is unique. As men, we spend our lives devising rules, divining patterns and deciphering clues. Women are the emotional representation of a lifetime of influences, impressions and relationships distilled and filtered through their own personalities. Not even Einstein could come up with an algorithm for figuring all that... Read more

Can I Afford: A House

Buying a house is an essential part of the American Dream. A home is not only a great investment, but it also provides vital safety and shelter for us and our families. However, while buying a home or condominium is exhilarating, it might not be in your best interest financially.... Read more

Balding Remedies for men

Damn you, Patrick Dempsey, you follicular anomaly. You possess a legendary full head of hair, while most men face this fact: Two-thirds of us experience some degree of thinning hair by age 35. Yep, two-thirds by 35! Those in the minority can stop reading now (“McDreamy,” that’s you), but the... Read more

Men, beware of Viagra

Here’s an advice for all those young men who like popping Viagra pills to boost their bedroom performance — the anti-impotence drug can damage your ability to father a child London: So you thought Viagra was a medical miracle? Then you ought to read this: The pill could seriously affect... Read more

First Date Success Cues

So, you’ve done all the hard stuff to get to this point: After successfully finagling your way into a first date, you’ve set the stage for the perfect evening and picked out a nice restaurant, donned some nice threads and picked her up right when you said you would. Now... Read more