Shaving Tips for Men 5 Important Tips for Shaving

Do you feel scratched and skinless after each shave, or you end up bleeding at several parts of your faces. At times you might find your self with lots of pimples day after shaving. These are some of the common problems while shaving. There are multifarious views and people to give you advices over the internet on how to shave your beard. But here are some really helpful tips on shaving to prevent your skin and looks intact.

1) Use an antiseptic lotion and pour it in water, clean your blade prior to shaving. Razor which has multiple blades are better for shaving because they remove the hair more deeply than a single blade razor.

2) A good shaving brush, one made with badger’s hair are more smooth than fiber one because they can contain water and give more lather. Synthetic fiber brushes are more harsh and do not store that much water but it will be hard for you to find the badger’s hair brush in market as most brands sell synthetic brushes.

3) You should apply hot water before shaving which will smoothen the hairs on your beard. Use warm water to wash your face 2-3 minutes prior to shaving. You can also apply lotion to smoothen the skin and hairs.

4) If you have not shaved since long, you should first trim your hairs using a small scissors and then start shaving. Take small strokes and go with the flow and the direction of your hairs. Wash your razor with hot water with antiseptic poured in it. If you use blade in the opposite direction than the hair growth you might end up cutting your skin or growing pimples the next day.

5) Brands like Gillette have started razors with extra layer to reduce friction. Do not put extra effort on your skin else you might end up cutting your skin. Be slow on areas where you have pimples. If you some how cut your skin try using antiseptic or after shave lotion.

You should use after shave lotion after shaving. Clean your razor with antiseptic and then use it again if needed. If you find any more shaving tips then share here with us.

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  1. khanu

    i always cut my skin while shaving your tips are helpful thanks monica

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