Argo 2012 Review Starring Ben Affleck and Argo Movie Trailer

You’ll find a lot of great movies and shows on, but right now, nothing can beat the biggest hit in theaters: Argo.

Ben Affleck directed and starred in this gem of a movie – Argo is Affleck’s third shot at directing, and hands down the best. “Based on true story” movies can be hit or miss, but Argo is one that shines.Argo is a hugely successful thriller based on the real-life 444-day long situation in Iran where 52 Americans were held hostage from 1979-1981. Argo focuses on the six Americans who escaped the Iranians and made their way to the Canadian embassy in Tehran.

Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck), a CIA extractor, hatches a plan to rescue these six – by pretending to be a Canadian film producer who is planning a sci-fi movie called Argo. Of course, there is no movie, but it has to look real for Mendez to succeed at rescuing the hostages, so he gets help from Lester Siegel (Alan Arkin) and John Chambers (John Goodman) back in Los Angeles.

Affleck takes us on a suspenseful, exciting journey based on the real Argo project. Of course, it has a bit of Hollywood added in, but the film gives a great portrayal of the real events.

Chris Terrio’s script is wonderfully written, with laughs at the right places and suspense throughout. It makes you nervous and tense, even knowing the outcome of the true events.

This one’s got Oscar written all over it, and Argo holds its own as one of the best movies of the year. With a movie like this in his portfolio, Ben Affleck is becoming one of the top directors of today. Affleck’s had successful movies in the past – and also some duds – but I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t wait to see what he’ll direct for us next.

Argo 2012 Official Trailer

Here is the cast and crew of this thriller flick Argo 2012

Directed by     Ben Affleck
Produced by     Grant Heslov
Ben Affleck
George Clooney
Screenplay by     Chris Terrio
Based on     The Master of Disguise by
Antonio J. Mendez
The Great Escape by
Joshuah Bearman
Starring     Ben Affleck
Bryan Cranston
Alan Arkin
John Goodman
Music by     Alexandre Desplat
Cinematography     Rodrigo Prieto
Editing by     William Goldenberg
Studio     GK Films
Smokehouse Pictures
Distributed by     Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date(s)     

August 31, 2012 (Telluride Film Festival)
October 12, 2012 (United States)

Running time     120 minutes
Language     English
Budget     $44,500,000[2]
Box office     $90,831,227