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Bang Bang 2014, the new movie starring Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif released on 2nd October, is about a jewel thief named Rajveer (played by Hrithik Roshan). The story is about a thief who has stolen the Kohinoor and the entire movie revolves around it in a unattached way. Let’s take this information in bits and bytes so you can understand how hard it is to process the movie in your brain.

The main focus of Bollywood movies these days is more on glamour rather than the story, you will find it a lot in this movie as well. The movie has been directed by Siddharth Anand and produced by Fox Star Studios. The film is an official remake of the movie Knight and Day which starred Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise. Though I felt the original was a step ahead than this one.

The strong points of Hrithik has been his looks, action and dancing skills, while same is with Katrina you can expect some hot item numbers not a comic role like Juhi Chawla from Mr. Mrs Khiladi, I feel Katrina did better in Ajab Prem Ki….

The story starts with a gangster named Omar Zafar (played by Danny Denzongpa) who is caught by the British police and kept in custody where he escapes terminating an Indian officer and learns that there is a new treaty being signed by the two countries according to which any criminal will be deported or exchanged between India and signing country without delay.
This seemed to be a big threat for Omar and he decides that he must stop the treaty from being signed by two nations, he orders a bounty on the Kohinoor diamond which is kept in England. Thinking that this can help him create animosity between the two nations.


Omar also says that the person stealing the diamond should be Indian. Soon the diamond is stolen and we find it in the hands of Hrithik Roshan. Scene is cut and we find ourselves with Katrina Kaif (as Harleen Sahani) taking a bath with her English style accent talking to her grandmother, who wants her to get married. I think the name should have been much something like Silvia, Amanda because Harleen and the English accent from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, bank receptionist didn’t fit well in the story.


So it was Katrina’s part to play a dumb girl and Hrithik Roshan (as Rajveer Nanda) who is shown to have stolen the diamond to work as Tom Cruise the cool guy. The two end up meeting in a blind date and are caught up in a CCTV footage by the police who think that the two are accomplice and there we have it a merger of the two parties. Now we can make them run across various locations have some songs and spend the rest of our 2 hours of the movie.
The closing hours of the movie revolves around how Omar and Rajveer fight against each other. Rajveer wants to take revenge for his lost brother who was killed by Omar.

The movie ends with Harleen taking Rajveer home which was his dream after taking revenge for his lost brother.


Though it is easy to criticize someone’s hard work but justice was not done with either of their characters I remember the movie was being shot in Delhi near a metro station and that car chase scene has been shown as a Shimla shot. I must say there were some ups and downs in the movie. You might get engaged for a few minutes but overall the movie was just below average of what is expected from Hrithik Roshan. We have seen him do some cool stunts in Dhoom and portray the character of a thief but in this movie it was just about run and chase.

The standard of movies around such cool thieves was raised by John Abraham from Dhoom 1 followed by Dhoom 2 and 3. I felt that the movie did not connect well, Katrina did not do justice to her role, she was better in the movie Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. Similarly the comedy in the movie was quite annoying if you watch Besharam you will laugh a bit more as comedy is not one of the strongest points of Hrithik.


I was unaware before writing this review that the movie is a remake of Knight and Day because the original is awesome work of art and action. When you talk about Tom Cruise the first thing that comes to your mind is style and he can do comedy. He is shown as guy with resources, he can drive bikes, planes stunts just flow naturally, he pays his bills but here Hrithik is shown as some local thug who has a Kohinoor diamond in hand but runs on rooftops drinking tea in some local street shop in open air which has CCTV camera as well for some reason and can afford a leprechaun (dwarf) waiter. Cameron Diaz can do both comedy as well as look glamorous they both fit well in their role. Comedy I felt was the weakest point of the movie which lagged here.

If you are a Hollywood movie fan I would suggest you pick up the Knight and Day DVD and you will end up with a smile by the time you hit the last scene of the beach.

Overall if you wish to enjoy your weekend or you are a die hard fan of Hrithik and Katrina you can watch the movie but don’t make comparisons with Dhoom 3, Besharam, old classics like Victoria No 203, Shalimar etc.

Sorry guys, sorry Hrithik and Kat this movie was just 6 out of 10 we expected a lot more after seeing you both in movies like Dhoom.

The movie has so far made Rs 51.62 crores at the domestic box office and is fighting against Haider starring Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

I am leaving you guys with a trailer of Kinght and Day along with the trailer of Bang Bang so you can compare the two.


Knight and Day Trailer


Bang Bang 2014 Trailer


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