Gods of Egypt 2016 mythical disaster review

Lionsgate’ mythical franchise set against a background of ancient Greece – Gods of Egypt – is slated to be a blockbuster dud of the year! Starring Gerard Butler as God of Darkness. Made at a total estimated cost of $140 million, its 3-day gross is estimated at $14 million. Under scathing attack for its all white ensemble cast to portray Egyptian charcters, this Alex Proyas’ directorial is also losing out to the already superhit Deadpool.

King Osiris gives his throne to his son Horus, but is killed by his brother Set, captures his throne and establishes his rule, wherein the dead have to pay to pass into afterlife. Horus confronts Set, and in the ensuing duel he seeks to kill Horus but after plea from his lover Hathor, Set tears away is eyes which are his power source, thus blinding him and banishing him to desert. Rest of the movie is how Horus engages Bek and Zaya, mortals in a bid to defeat Set and his plea to Ra, Set’s father

Many have termed the movie as a worst depiction of ancient Egypt, bad acting and even the effects showcased in the movie are not worthy of exemplary note. But, at least it is somewhat enjoyable for its gripping story and take on treachery and power rule which characterised ancient Egypt. A backlash from critics worldwide due to an appropriation of Egyptian culture by a full-white cast notwithstanding, the movie also fails at many paces for its over-hyped story line at many places, falling out of sync with reality.

For example: the fight sequences are constantly underwhelming and rated ‘silly’, often not well integrated with the backdrop; The slo-mo action sequences sequences resembling movie 300 in many aspects is not thrilling. Gerard Butler is never convincing as an Egyptian god, so are the supporting cast. FX work are not upto the mark. Brenton Thwaites (playing Bek), plays a mortal and somehow infiltrates into Set’s vault and steals Horus magic eyeballs, and when his lover Zaya (Courtney Eaton) is killed, he seeks Horus and Hathor to help him out. Hence, his performance stands out.

Many have criticised the movie to be more resembling a video game than a mythological take. The movie fails squarely in giving any other character a dimension, including Gerard. In all, the movie’s weaknesses are far greater than its strengths, and thus can be given a watch if you are really interested in mythology drama.
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