Hum Tum Shabana Review Hum Tum Shabana Tushar Shreyas & Minissha Lamba

Hum Tum Shabana is a comedy movie which lags the right ingredients to make you laugh, the movie has been directed by the expert of comedy movie, Sagar Bello, comedies like Bheja Fry, Bheja Fry 2, though Shabana Hum Tum does not live upto the standards of other movies with the rules film. Unlike his previous films, the comedy scenes together, blended to give a new look.
Rishi Malhotra (Tushar Kapoor) and Kartik Iyer (Shreyas Talpade) are the main characters are the two executives in a Event Management company, where they fall for Shabana Raza (Minissha Lamba), in a fashion show at Goa. Since its first meeting on theft, according to them, their attention.The film begins with an acknowledgment and Madhur Bhandarkar seems to be inspired by the movie mode. The first half of the film revolves around how the two boys try to attract Shabana. They give her advice and care, for the right formula to win the beauty contest.The movie starts with the two heroes fighting like cats and dogs over Shabana. Shabana wins a few rounds. But for some inexplicable reason, she loses the crown. Discouraged by the loss she leaves Goa.

Until the break the action does not advance. In the second half of the movie starts to roll on. But there is a agape between the first and the second half of the movie. You could say that there is a major twist in the story. Shabana lives with his uncle (Satish Kaushik), an eccentric underworld Don.

Kartik Rishi and eliminated by the henchmen of his uncle and kept under observation. They are also tasks on a daily basis. This is to decide the uncle who married his niece, and always successful at the next Don. But instead of planning to participate in missions opportunities our heroes roam. The stairs of the earth in an absurd way, because the comedy was strange logic, challenging and irritated.

The absurdity of the script with the dialogue with a background music track layer mask combines the effects of shock makes the movie unbearable.

There is less comedy and more than Hamming. No dialogues have to remember. Supersede. Tusshar performance is an extension of his character in Golmaal. Shreyas walk through fragments makes no effort to be different.

Satish Kaushik is to pour his characterization makes it boring. Minissha and Pia are barely tolerable.

The script and the story offers no originality. Visually, the film is full of color, but the assembly, oh yes, the subject makes use of computer graphics and visual effects for the movie as an attempt to moviegoers.

The music by Sachin Jigar was a let down. Thank you Mr. DJ song is like a lullaby. And the title of the song Na Na Hey Shabana makes clear why bother to see this movie.